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Focusing on What’s Important

Editor, News-Register:

Japan stopped at Pearl Harbor for one reason and one reason only, there were 100 million patriots at home with weapons to protect this country.

We were a strong proud country no matter what we disagreed on.

We have gotten through slavery, depressions, wars, assassinations, the sixties, 911, and so on. And I believe we always saw our flaws, and corrected them, and made us a better place to call home.

We had factories, that in a blink of an eye could build the strongest military weapons in the world, with our own steel!

The flag was something that ALL Americans stood by. Only a few strung-out lost souls would dare damage one.

Sports figures were thankful for the great chance to show off their talents, for at one time much less money than now and were proud, if given a chance, to wear the red, white and blue in the Olympic games.

It seems today we are all asleep at the wheel. I hear it time and time again, I don’t watch the news, it’s always the same thing.

Well let me tell you, if anyone is awake, my thoughts.

China owns America, period. Every company in America that makes anything, almost, is at the mercy of China. Go try and order a sofa, anywhere. You might just get it in April.

Good luck in finding a car/truck dealership with a full lot of vehicles. Internal political war games have caused fuel prices to skyrocket, food is rising at a pace like we haven’t seen in years. And to top it off, the workforce in America is the laziest ever.

Thanks to yes this administration’s gifts of cash, companies are begging for workers. Bonuses, just to sign up to fill a grocery bag, or make coffee, are everywhere.

Wake up America, China is. They found a way to kill millions across the world and at the same time install over 200 new missile silos in their open fields. How do I know this?

I listen to a real news cast. I pay attention. We are so caught up in who is vaccinated and who isn’t. Like either side knows what the heck is good or bad.

We have never been a country so separated by all the (nonsense) that is oozing out of Washington so fast we can’t even catch up on the latest insanity. What has happened in Texas with those voted-in politicians who ran and hid from doing their job all because they won’t get what they wanted. Really.

I hope they all go to jail. What happened to all the swearing-in to uphold their duties? How do we get to a better place?

One, we need to get back where we started from. Prayer. Stop worrying about all those who don’t believe and try and tell you to shut up. Just pray. They are the ones taking this country to hell.

Two, it’s no one’s business who took the shot or who didn’t. Both have the exact chance of getting anything again. How do I know? I listen and ask. What happened to HIPAA?

Three, I would be willing to pay more in the stores if I knew that it was all coming from inside America. Unions, tell your workers to get to work. Lets make America strong again. It will take all of us.

It is a time of sobering up. The rest is over. They are watching. Russia, China, North Korea, Iraq, and so on all hate us. But they control so much of what we have or don’t have. It is a foolish plan to keep America from being energy independent. Opening up the pipelines would be a good start.

When we allow politics to ruin this country just because of self-pride, we are doomed. God, I pray you hear the cries of your people. We are in desperate times Lord, but You already know that.

This land needs Your mercy for all of its perversion, killings of babies, and self-righteousness in its leaders. Bring us to our knees Lord and save this land.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

Wake up America!

Chris Hamm



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