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Make Sure W.Va. Stays Strong

Editor, News-Register:

Why would Floridians or New Yorkers be moving to West Virginia?

West Virginia is a great state. It has come along way since the Arch Moore days of major corruption and getting paid under the table.

It is good sign people want to move to West Virginia. A state who protects its victims. Great neighborhoods. Low taxes and affordable homes. What I fear is the major developments that are taking place and the influx of people who will be pushing the price of homes higher, taxes higher and destroying the beautiful landscape West Virginia is known for.

Multiple businesses will prosper from the major developments but for the average working class person it will cause much stress on their financial ability to afford gas, day care, rent/mortgage, car insurance etc. Those costs also will eventually be going up.

I don’t want West Virginia to lose her heritage of God, The American Flag and the right to bear arms. I want her to keep the protection umbrella over her citizens by fraudulent businesses with the strong Attorney General and staff we have now.

Elizabeth Martin-Sullivan

Paw Paw


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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