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Open Letter to Sen. Joe Manchin

Editor, News-Register:

Mr. Joe Manchin,

I am asking for your help to save our state and our country from Marxism. We must block the upcoming $3 trillion bill being pushed by the democrat party and by Biden. I am asking for your vote to be against that bill. Our country is already so far in debt that it will be paid back by my grandchildren and their grandchildren. This has to stop!! We need to defend our country and the Constitution that you took an oath to uphold.

The Bill Of Rights are under attack by the far left in government. These are our God-given rights. Our southern border needs to be closed to all illegal aliens. This influx of these people is wrong. How can we protect our citizens from COVID when the border remains open to those infected and then released to go throughout the US?

I am a 63-year-old citizen from Marshall County and a registered Republican. I have voted in every election since 1976. I have always voted for the best person running for office no matter the party. I have voted for you in every time you ran for office. I believe in your integrity and love of our country. I want my sons and their families to have the chance to live their lives in a free America as we have had for the past two hundred and forty five years.

Joe, you must vote no on any further spending bills. If your vote is for more spending and giving into Marxism you will lose my vote and of all other like minded West Virginians. You have your chance to go down in history as the Senator who voted to save our country. We the people of West Virginia are counting on you to do what is right. Mountaineers are always free. Let’s keep it that way.

Jayne Kimberly



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