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Biden Has Done Much for America

Editor, News-Register:

When I think of President Joe Biden, I think of a man of grace.

He has given the American people so much, such as:

– An end to war. Joe ended the war in Afgainstan.

– The American Rescue Plan. I certainly appreciated my $1,400, and I am sure the schools appreciated their long overdue improvements.

– The $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Plan by fixing and expanding America’s transportation and communication systems and making a major down payment on fighting global warming.

– Transformative efforts to Build Back America, a great plan to lift children and their mothers by providing greatly expanded health care, child care, education, and the fight to control global warming.

– The return of civility to the White House, his greatest achievement. Joe is more than a class act though. He is a man that truly cares more about you than himself. He is a man of grace.

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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