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Vaccine Mandates Not Part of Deal

Editor, News-Register:

Two of the biggest anti-union political decisions in the past 60-plus years were Bobby Kennedy’s relentless pursuit of iconic and controversial Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa and conservative hero, former President Ronald Reagan’s firing of air traffic controllers in 1981. Much has been written about both, so to rehash the back story of the two leaders of opposite political parties going after these large transportation unions and their leadership isn’t necessary. Now the person in the White House is outdoing both.

Present political leadership has already turned their back on police and border patrol government unions due to philosophical differences about enforcement of criminal and immigration laws; now they want to make matters worse for private and public union members. They have added vaccine mandates to federal, state, and local employees. Aren’t those the type of things suppose to be negotiated or renegotiated into contracts? Does the term “collective bargaining” mean anything to these Democrat politicians?

Come on, man.

What is worse: Ronald Reagan firing 11,000+ PATCO workers who had a negotiated “no strike” clause in their contract or present union members (many who were front line, essential workers before the vaccine) getting fired for standing up for their religious beliefs, believing it’s “their body, their choice” or just thinking they already have natural immunity from previously having the virus.

With globalization, technology, etc. I’m not sure what it would take for private union membership to make a comeback, but I’m pretty sure firing present public union members or forcing them to go into early retirement is not a good start. It’s hard to believe Democrat hero Bill Clinton once campaigned on putting 100,000 additional cops on the streets to protect people and property, and now the party their unions support financially wants to either defund them or remove them over a vaccine which the president and vice president themselves questioned for political reasons a year ago. One thing is for certain: the profession which will be making the most money off this political incompetence will be lawyers because the lawsuits will be around for awhile.

Jay Knapp



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