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Make Decision on Country Club

Editor, News-Register:

It appears that the RED deal may be falling apart. And if it is not, I would hope that you will review all of the posts on this Save MCC 1009 site and see the outpouring of emotion and support for the continuation of the life of the golf course and end the deal from your side. It certainly looks like RED is monitoring the site and they realize the damage that is being done to their reputations. Unfortunately, as has been pointed out by several of your members, the same may be happening to you.

I am sorry, but a large part of the community is very angry.

If you are finally convinced that you may have overlooked possible avenues to keep the Club solvent and the RED deal is dead or dying, we will need to get to work and begin scheduling course maintenance for late February early March.

Honestly, it’s clear that you landed your troops and proceeded to burn the boats behind you, allowing for no retreat. Military history is replete with examples where this type of thinking has ended in utter disaster (call me for examples).

As we move into the golf season of 2022, you will be leaving us with no money, no equipment and no employees. I guess you were certain that you would win the proxy vote. That pure confidence before the vote was even taken, in itself, calls many other things into question.

I will not discuss the arrogance that led to that decision in this letter.

If we lose our most important money-making asset, the course, we are all done.

RED is gone, the course is beyond saving, it becomes an overgrown mess with no future and everyone gets nothing!

The bottom line is that WE have to get to work NOW! Volunteers, membership dues, loans and charitable contributions are all waiting on your next move.

All of us are running out of time.

Please stop the letter of intent extensions, the continued wasted time and money on a shareholder vote, the attorneys, etc. Please make a decision to either move aside and let the “new” generation take over or come into the light and help us.

The time is NOW. You need to decide if you will continue to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Dennis Hanley



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