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Save Moundsville Country Club

Editor, News-Register:

Moundsville Country Club is a beautiful and iconic golf course in our area. It is in danger of closing and being sold for economic development. Many members are attempting to save it. They have presented great ideas for revitalization and for restructured use of the course and its facilities to the board. Unfortunately, their suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. The membership needs control of operations to reestablish financial stability and implement these ideas. We welcome any support and suggestions from the community. I suggest joining the Save MCC 1009 page if you are interested in gaining further insight into this situation. My unanswered plea to the board president follows:

An open letter to the president of the board of MCC:

I implore you and members of the board to reconssider the sale of Moundsville Country Club. I help a family membership there for 25 years so my sons could play golf there. It impacted their lives significantly. It offered a safe outlet and helped them mature into upstanding members of the community. We need this club now more than ever for our future generation. There is so much division driven by power and greed these days. We need and deserve transparency, unity and representation.

Please consider filling the three open positions on the board with someone younger who is invested in the community and will not be leaving the area. The membership needs a fresh perspective. We need people who offer and seriously consider new potential uses of the pool, clubhouse and golf course.

Please consider openly sharing all information with the membership. I hope there is a common goal here. I trust you have the best interest of the club and community at heart. Let’s work together.

There comes a time when the best gift is to pass the torch to the next generation, trusting they will cherish, protect and appreciate the club as you once did. You have it in your power to carry on a legacy. Please do the right thing.

Jane Lambie



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