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Dysfunctional Congress

Editor, News-Register:

Once again Congress is utilizing an omnibus spending bill to fund our government as the Obama regime did for the eight years of Obama’s tenure. This is a perfect example of irresponsible and unaccountable governing.

The Obama regime took this country as far to the left as the Supreme Court would allow, thus the rabid hatred of Trump when he made his three appointments to the Supreme Court. The people in this country need to reinforce the fact that the elitist-minded senators and Congress people work for us.

Who could have imagined that after Obama we could end up with a so-called president who could be, and is, far worse? Any intelligent person can see that this president we have is akin to a puppet on a string.

Those responsible for the ongoing travesty at our southern border should be in Leavenworth. But once again, it’s the mainstream news media that bails them out and provides cover. Without a credible news media this country will be destroyed. It should be obvious to any intelligent person that every time Democrats have control of government, they systematically degrade this country. The longer it goes this way, the more they rule by fear and intimidation.

They attack anyone who opposes them.

We now have the worst inflation in our lifetime, maybe ever, and on Sept. 16, 2019, Joe Biden stated, “I guarantee you, we’re going to end fossil fuels.” Coincidence? And to think all of this, after this country became energy independent under President Trump with the environment, on average, cleaner than the past 50 years. It is mind-numbing to wonder how this country got to this point.

The root of the problem on the long-term basis is our education system and its liberal indoctrination. On an everyday basis, the mainstream media is to blame. If the mainstream media had any credibility, the Democrats would have been history long ago.

Back to the omnibus spending budget bill.

Our Congress is set to pass a $1.5 trillion spending bill, 2,700 pages long.

At 2,700 pages long, I’d say it is a safe bet that very few if any who vote on it have read it in its entirety. In reality, they will no doubt vote on the suggestions of their staff who may have read the bill.

This is a prime example of being led by unelected people. If anyone thinks prices are bad now, just wait and see what the future brings.

When the tide begins to turn it is always the liberals who are the violent element and the mainstream media who protects them along with the swamp in Washington.

Many in this country (who listen to the news) are being dumbed down by the mainstream news media.

The situation in this country is so bad that it makes the Twilight Zone look normal.

As it relates to the welfare of this country, the current leadership is grossly incompetent, does not represent the will of the people, and is deranged in their intent to get and keep power with no concern for the pain and suffering that others must endure.

Roy E. Schnegg



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