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Lions Support Camp Kno Koma

Editor, News-Register:

District 29-L Zone 2 and 3 Lion clubs held a No Quarter Auction April 9 to raise funds for Camp Kno Koma, West Virginia’s Diabetes camp for Children. Camp Kno Koma was started in 1950 and provides an invaluable opportunity for children with diabetes to gain skills in managing their disease in a supportive community and a safe camping environment where they can just be kids.

Camp Kno Koma provides all the summer fun found at any summer camp but additionally has a highly specialized volunteer medical staff of physicians, nurses, dieticians and pharmacists and other support staff and counsellors so parents can rest easy during their child’s camping adventure. It is a place where children learn how to live with their diabetes but most important, they can have fun.

I would like to thank our generous sponsors:

Gold: Bordas & Bordas.

Silver: Miklas Meat Market, Glessner & Associates, Tractor Supply Co.

Other sponsors: Abbey’s, Altmeyer Funeral Homes, Bleifus Tire, Bubba’s Burghers, DeFelice Brother’s Pizza, DG Ramona Sago, Domino’s Pizza, Figaretti’s, Generations, Guest House, Heather Miller Memorial, Howard Long Wellness Center, Jebbia’s, Knuth family, Market Vines, McDonald’s, Mimi’s Hallmark, MMM Popcorn, Nini’s, Olive Garden, Original DiCarlo’s Pizza, Rebecca Orndorff, Panera Bread, Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration, Perkins, Petco at the Highlands, Pizza Hut Elm Grove, Posh, Reisbeck’s Food Markets, Sam’s Club, Seeing Hand, Sheetz at the Highlands, Silver Chopsticks, The Fat Apple Bakery, TiTo’s Sloppy Dogs, Uncle Pete’s, Undo Group, Valley Cheese, WesBanco, Wheeling Convention and Visitors Bureau, Wheeling Park, and Whisk Bakery.

Special thanks to vendors, Marsha Woods, Shelby McCarthy, Sarah Miller and Middle Grace Creek Church of God Sisters in Service.

I would also like to thank my fellow Lions and all those who attended and supported this event.

Camp Kno Koma will be held July 10-16 at the Greenbrier Youth Camp in Anthony, West Virginia. For more information: www.campknokoma.com

Lion Mary Jo Graebe




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