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Stop the Sniping at West Liberty

Editor, News-Register:

Let’s be clear, Franklin Evans was and is a sound choice for WLU president, made by its selection committee and board. Dr. Evans is good for the university, good for the state’s college and university system, and especially good for our region.

His proven educational, instructive leadership benefit those who attended, viewed and listened to his thoughts and programs during the last 15 or so months here.

How unfortunate the few snipers among the faculty pursue their dissatisfactions and unpleasantness by drumming up imaginary shortcomings. The citizens would hope the faculty instead would focus on maintaining the quality education and life guidance they provide to their students and all who benefit from their efforts.

On a recent tour last month of the campus, while in session, the students and staff (most wearing smiles) demonstrated how committed they are to their endeavors at WLU. The consensus affirms the university is a good place, perhaps despite the feelings of those who take time to find fault.

What chief executive in nearly any entity could survive unscathed such a ‘survey’ of dubious source and efficacy?

Let’s support the university in its current legitimacy — it works well, and provides immeasurable value to our communities.

Kevin A. Stryker



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