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A ‘Wonderful,’ Nonsensical War

Editor, News-Register:

A very bloody war — without purpose — is being waged in Ukraine. Just consider the toll this nonsensical war is having:

– At least 20 thousand dead.

– Tens of thousands injured.

– 15 million homes destroyed.

– 40 percent of Ukraine’s infrastructure destroyed.

– Russia’s economy in severe depression.

– Fuel prices soaring and seemingly out of control.

– The U.S. suffering its worst inflation in 50 years.

– Worldwide food supply threatened.

– Nuclear war (that would kill hundreds of millions) is being bandied about like this is just a bar brawl.

It seems just the politicians and cable television reporters (with their collars turned up and their scarfs knotted), getting their war creds, are the only ones enjoying, and ignorantly promoting, the destruction of Ukraine.

Noam Chomsky summed up my stance when he accused NATO “of being willing to fight to the last Ukrainian rather than pursue a negotiated peace settlement that, however imperfect, would at least stop the bloodshed in Ukraine. A mutually agreed-upon detente would have the added benefit of slamming on the brakes on a dangerous escalation in tensions between the U.S. and Russia.”

Yeah, what a wonderful war.

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville


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