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Regulate Guns Like Automobiles

Editor, News-Register:

The 2nd Amendment enshrines gun ownership, nevertheless, gun usage can and should be regulated, to preserve our safety and security.

We need laws to regulate gun use like automobile use is regulated:

– License gun owners for usage only after they pass periodic safety tests.

– Require periodic inspection of licensed people’s arsenals to enforce modification prohibitions (like smog checks on automobiles).

– Require gun users to carry insurance for damage done by their guns.

– Maintain and enforce background check databases to restrict guns from criminals, terrorists and mentally ill people.

– Require a three-day pause before gun delivery.

– Enable “red flag” powers for police to temporarily confiscate a person’s armaments.

– Prohibit gun makers from marketing their lethal products to minors.

– Raise the minimum age for gun ownership to 21, or even 25.

– Prohibit sale, transfer, and ownership of military-grade weapons.

These are sensible regulations; they are not radical and they do not conflict with the 2nd Amendment. Opposing these regulations, Republican officials are actually enabling and condoning the ability of mass-murderers to kill innocent children, women, and men.

Bruce Joffe



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