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Day of Women Helping Women

Editor, News-Register:

On June 21st at the Crispin Golf Center, there didn’t seem to be a COVID pandemic, nor a war in Ukraine, a recession pending, or any sign of racism and unrest. There were 106 women, mostly over the age of 60 (some in their 80s and 90s), who’s only real interest was food, fun and friends — along with air conditioning, a drink and dessert. Everybody, and I mean everybody, had smiles on their faces. The Oglebay Women’s Golf Association (OWGA) held its 9th Annual Golf Scramble which was attended by ladies from Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia representing 13 different golf courses. We had a beautiful day, and the course was in tip-top shape. The Pine Room is such a beautiful venue for the awards banquet.

I woke up this morning very proud of OWGA, our planning committee, and dedicated sponsors. I thought about how happy everyone was, and why couldn’t we have more of that. Maybe some of us realized that a few people were missing this year; friends that we lost over the past year; friends that are dealing with some serious health issues. My mother always said “if you have your health, you have everything.” I now understand the wisdom in that simple little saying.

Maybe some of us recognize that your cup can be half full or it can be half empty, and that the choice is yours. How you process all the information and activity around you is your decision. That small acts of kindness within our community can mean a lot to someone.

Our tournament benefits the Wheeling YWCA and Tri-County Help Center in Ohio. It was a day of women helping women. The generosity was abundant. There was much sunshine at Crispin that day. Thank you to everyone who made the event such a success.

Chris Muroski



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