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Just What is the Court Doing?

Editor, News-Register:

The Supreme Court’s decision allowing states to prohibit abortion is cruel and repressive. Women, and their men, who can’t raise a child are being forced to do so. How does that honor the life of the child?

The Court’s decision to prohibit states from regulating the carrying of guns in public spaces is insane. The Second Amendment is being worshiped at the expense of our children’s lives. How does that honor life?

The Court has become politically partisan because Senate Republicans blocked Obama’s legitimate nominee, Merrick Garland, and installed three of their own ideologues. Republicans continue supporting Trump’s baseless, false claims of a “stolen election” while installing partisans in local voting offices to steal the next election. That is treason against our democracy.

We can repair these threats to our lives by voting Democrat, overwhelmingly, in November.

It’s time to kick the Republicans out.

Bruce Joffe



Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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