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The GOP Can Prove Him Wrong

Editor, News-Register:

The shocking thing is not that a minority of Americans wanted Roe V. Wade overturned, nor is it completely shocking that conservatives have won a court victory after an impressive decade of conniving.

Of course, I’m not sure the party of Trump has really thought through this “caring about children” thing. Because of course they also oppose the funding needed to provide high quality nutrition to the already horrifying number of malnourished children in this country. I don’t think they have a plan for massively increasing the already overwhelmed foster care system, perhaps we could turn Trump Tower into a children’s home? Likewise, I distinctly recall many of these same “pro-life” politicians opposing funding to remove lead pipes from our water supply.

Somehow it gets worse. Many states lack rape exceptions to abortion restrictions, or even exceptions in cases of unviable fetuses that will kill women if not aborted, or intend on prosecuting doctors who have to make such harrowing decisions in complex medical cases.

The Republican Party has it entirely within their power to prove me wrong. I won’t be holding my breath.

Joshua Phillips



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