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Don’t Mess With Centre Market

Editor, News-Register:

Here we go again! Car-less Centre Market?

Goodbye Coleman’s!

Before changes are made to accommodate a younger demographic, a study better be conducted to fathom why they would be in that area between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. in numbers that would match what’s required to keep businesses alive?

Catch a coffee and go?

It stretches the imagination to come up with what benefits a car-less scenario would provide? Obesity cure? And who are these people that are obese that would walk from who knows where to what? Maybe dodging traffic would be more helpful, if that was even a problem?

This almost matches the two-way streets downtown fiasco proposal a few years ago!

Who will actually benefit should be the key question asked!

Current occupiers or a whole new group of businesses under the new plan?

And statistics should be provided that can be substantiated to give a “no brainer” decision to the new proposal made to the city officials by the “Smart Growth America” organization!

It might also be wise for city officials to obtain testimony on past projects accomplished by this group?

John Capobianco

Cambridge, Ohio

Wheeling High class of 1953


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