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Nutrition Important to Education

Editor, News-Register:

In the wake of the pandemic, the attention to food and nutrition security for our children came to life. We learned that for millions of children and families in West Virginia and across the country, school meals are a lifeline, providing our kids with nearly half their daily calories and a consistent source of good nutrition. The science is clear: children do best academically and are less likely to develop chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes if they are eating healthy foods.

As a teacher in West Virginia, I have watched the child nutrition waivers and the difference it has made for our children and now I am asking Congress to extend child nutrition waivers through the 2022-2023 school year. West Virginia can make a difference, too, by ensuring all children can receive healthy school meals at no cost.

Imagine watching a child gathering breakfasts items from his friends, later to learn he was taking the food home to feed his two brothers and sister. Or the girl who took the extra snack boxes home because she knew she wouldn’t have any more food until the following day once she left school. These stories are a reality, and they are what we see every single day when we spend time educating West Virginia children.

Please continue to prioritize children’s health by ensuring all students can continue to benefit from healthy school meals. Our children matter, their education matters, and we need your help.

Jessica Bramer Romick



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