Gun Control Plans Are Because Politicians Are Afraid

National Public Radio has been covering spree shootings in America, and the desire by Democratic presidential candidates to completely ban military-style firearms in the United States. Such legislation will effectively end the brutal bloodbath in our streets by immediately removing the very thing that makes such slaughterhouse spree shootings possible; the guns. Almost 120 lives have been lost this year alone. If only legislation that banned drugs had stopped all the overdose deaths, which in 2017 numbered 72,000, and in 2018 numbered more than 68,000.

Imagine if Congress took us to war and lost 72,000 troops, or failed to stop terrorist attacks, costing 68,000 lives — in a single year! Based on media coverage of intelligence failures for 9/11 and Iraq, I’m sure coverage of the crisis would be non-stop. After all, fewer Americans died in Vietnam — in 10 years! So why is the War on Drugs, and the tens of thousands of lives being lost, not the top of our politicians campaign agenda? Perhaps it’s because we banned drugs, but that hasn’t worked out so well. Would it work with guns? It may help stop all the suicides!

NPR covered suicides, too. More than 47,000 Americans committed suicide in 2017. Psychologists know that a strong sense of purpose is vital to avoid addiction or suicide, which is why areas with the highest levels of unemployment are hit hardest. In small towns everywhere the economy is dying, and Americans are dying with it.

The drug deaths plus suicides meant 129,000 fewer voters in 2018 to hold politicians accountable for a crisis that is killing us like flies. Or to quote the Jewish Book of Proverbs, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

When 72,000 die from overdoses, and 47,000 more commit suicide in a single year, it is because our citizens can no longer cope. It is also why families are falling apart like no other time in history, because when parents must be available 24/7, evenings and weekends, for hourly wages, in cities with a high cost of living, requiring long commutes, they simply aren’t around to parent. As life is turned into a grind by globalization, and union jobs are exported in exchange for part-time hourly-wage jobs with no retirement, is it any wonder why so many are now mentally ill?

Americans are famous for their can-do attitude, resilience, and sharp shooting. So why, after 240 years of freedom, are we dying from addiction, suicide and spree shootings? Is it the stress to survive in what TIME magazine calls the “gig economy” that is driving us nuts? Is it the socio-economics of living in a global rat race adding up? It is increasingly a race to the bottom, to do more for less, or be outsourced — to Mexico. We now face the very thing our Founding Fathers fought to overthrow in 1776; rule by entitled elites and their exploitive economic policies.

As we see our sovereignty subverted by the rule of new-age royalty, and lose hope for solutions to economic problems placed politically beyond our control, our divisions are becoming reminiscent of those prior to the American Revolution. Politicians sent our jobs to China, our sons and daughters to Iraq, put us billions in debt to banks, while wages and retirements were scrapped. Of course, if your daddy was a senator and had your master’s degree “manufactured” at a state school, then you ended up making $17 million at a major pharmaceutical company!

I think I know why politicians want to ban military rifles, and I suspect it’s not to save our lives. If they cared so much, about the deaths of so many, they would have addressed the root cause of drug overdose, suicide, and spree shootings years ago — our economy! What our elites are really worried about is that all the working men and women who have lost hope, choosing to get high, or put a gun to their own head, may stop casting ballots, and start casting bullets instead. As our politics become more corrupt, and our protests more violent, it may only be a matter of time.

If you saw the 2019 PBS Frontline episode “American Patriot,” about the Bundy Ranch standoff, then you know what I’m talking about. When Americans show up in force, and aim rifles at dozens of armed Federal agents, you can understand why American oligarchs and their political cronies are worried. They too see the writing on the wall. The overdose deaths, suicides, and spree shootings are indicative of people pushed to a tipping point. Our own elites created these problems, and now provide a solution — a “final solution,” if you will — for controlling our lives.

Seventy-five years ago, in 1942, a German guard laughingly declared “Hope dies last!” while herding Jews into a gas chamber. More than 6,000,000 died. When my professor told our history class that people should not be permitted to own guns, one kid had the audacity to ask “How many armed people got shipped to Treblinka?” There is a reason the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment right behind the First, and it was not for “sporting purposes” related to hunting. Just ask any patriot, who chose not to protest the Redcoats, but shot them instead.

Mazgaj, who describes himself as the “son of a survivor,” resides in Wheeling.


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