Leading Wheeling University Into Bright Future

The 2019-2020 academic year marks a new chapter for Wheeling University, which will be the first under our school’s new name and mission. Formerly known as Wheeling Jesuit University, our institution has served students in the Ohio Valley since 1954. While our school’s recent past has been complicated and challenging, the year ahead enables us to turn the page and begin to write a new story of exciting possibilities.

Having joined Wheeling University earlier this year, I am continually inspired by the faith and resolve of our entire university community to come together, collaborate on solutions, and keep moving confidently toward a brighter future for our students and the greater Wheeling region.

Going forward, Wheeling University’s goal is to remain a self-sustaining educational campus, rather than being acquired by another institution or becoming a hospital-based campus. In addition, Wheeling University will also continue to provide the only Catholic university education in West Virginia.

While we may no longer be officially designated as a Jesuit university, the Jesuits are still active supporters of our educational efforts, and our campus ministry is alive and well as we seek to foster the values of service and leadership among our entire student body.

This weekend, as we celebrate the long and proud history of labor in America, I also find myself looking ahead to the many ways our students will someday help serve their own communities in their chosen fields of business, criminal justice, education, or health care. The lives they will touch, and the improvements they will help bring to the Ohio Valley and beyond, are the fruits of the labors they invest today in their classwork, internships, and professional relationships.

As the role of higher education continues to evolve and change, Wheeling University’s identity is also evolving. The most successful schools in America are those who are strategic in their long-term planning, adaptive to the changing needs of students and faculty, and responsive to the ever-changing employment opportunities for graduates.

These institutions study ongoing shifts in the academic and economic markets, focus on competitive differentiation, and remain flexible in their processes while pursuing a clear vision of what a positive outcome looks like for their students.

At Wheeling university, we know that the road to success for the youth in our region begins with a rigorous and rewarding education. Our faculty and staff are committed to providing the best possible educational experience for each of our students, with a curriculum that prioritizes critical thinking, global perspectives, and ethics.

By strengthening our programs, streamlining our processes, and showcasing the expertise of our faculty, staff, and alumni, we are excited to help our students prepare for enriching and fulfilling careers.

Education is a vital part of the heritage, culture, and identity for all of us who live and work in the Ohio Valley. Wheeling University’s future depends upon all of us working together to build a strong foundation that will sustain our culture of education and fulfill its promise of new possibilities for future generations.

We welcome your collaboration, contribution, ideas and partnership to help Wheeling University continue to grow and flourish. I look forward to serving our students, faculty, and staff during the 2019-2020 school year, and I am excited to help lead Wheeling University into a brighter future, one new chapter at a time.

Ginny Favede is the current Board Chair of Wheeling University, the Executive Director of the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council, as well as the Co-Chairwoman of Project Best. Favede was appointed by Governor Jim Justice to the West Virginia Design-Build Board and is a member of the Executive Board of Directors for the Ohio Democratic Party.


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