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Groundbreaking Set for County’s Gold Star Monument

A groundbreaking ceremony for a Marshall County Gold Star Monument will take place on June 29 on the west lawn of the Marshall County Courthouse in Moundsville.

Thevseven-member committee for Marshall County’s GSM made the announcement this past week after learning that the schedule of Hershel “Woody” Williams, the last living Medal of Honor recipient in West Virginia, will enable him to be in attendance on that date.

Fund raising continues for this project, and half of the money needed for the undertaking has been received.

In addition to funds received, the committee has announced that some of the work is being donated by Savage Construction and Smith Concrete, thus reducing the original $55,000 cost figure somewhat.

Committee member Gay Rider said, “We would like this monument to be completely paid for by the citizens of our county. When we proposed this project to the county commission, we promised them they would not have to pay any money towards the cost of the monument, or its placement.”

Anyone who would like to donate to this project can send a check to HWWMOHF at 12123 Shelbyville Road, Suite 108 Louisville, KY 40243, or they can send their check to the Moundsville Public Library, 700 Fifth St., 24003, Moundsville in care of Gary Rider. The check is to be made out to the Foundation. Indicate on the check that the payment is for the Marshall County Gold Star Monument.

The foundation will send a statement to those donating so that the person or persons can use it for tax purposes.

As to the monument, it will be black granite with four panels. One side will bear the words: Gold Star Families Memorial Monument, a tribute to Gold Star Families and Relatives who sacrificed a Loved One for our Freedom. The other side will tell a story dealing with homeland, family, patriot and sacrifice.

Gold Star Families Memorial Monument was initially established in West Virginia, however, once it was completed a new mission became clear, to establish these monuments in as many communities as possible in all 50 states.

Sixty monuments have been dedicated, with 70 still in progress. Forty-five states/countries have monuments.


The Moundsville Public Library has several online activities available to young adults and children, with story times offered Monday through Friday. These events having been undertaken since the library has been closed, due to the coronavirus disease.

These story times are typically at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. The 11:30 events are for picture books, while in the 1:30 sessions, chapter books are read aloud.

There are also programs at 6:30 p.m., during which time there will be classic children’s story time. This week’s selection is, “The Wizard of Oz.”

Most stories are in a private Facebook group that can be accessed through the Moundsville-Marshall County Library Kids and Teens page.

A Virtual Movie Club will also start this week. Patrons must stream the movies on their own through whatever streaming services they have access to. Movies for adults will be Thursday evenings, and a discussion on the movie will take place on the Main Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library Facebook page.

Family movie night will be Saturday evenings and a discussion will take place on the Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library Kids and Teens Facebook page.

Keep posted for updates and other evens on the Moundsville-Marshall Public Library Kits and Teens Facebook page and the main Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library page.

In addition to these special events, the library continues to provide books to individuals who request them while the library is closed. In the past several weeks, some 500 books have been distributed. These books have either been mailed or picked up at the library door.


The Marshall County Commission this past Tuesday approved on the second and final reading its 2020-21 budget.

County commission President Scott Varner said, “We project revenues for the general county budget to be $24,634,610 and revenues for the coal severance budget to be $4,580, thus making the combined budget total at $29,214.610.”

A year ago the budget was $27,253.625.

As to the levy rate starting on July 1, 2020, for Class I (personal property and public utility) the figure will again be 10.99 cents per $100, which is the lowest levy rate in the state; the levy rate for Class II is 21.980 cents per $100; it, too, being on real estate and public utility; the levy rate for Classes III and IV is 43.960 cents per $100 to which real estate personal property and public utility are levied.

Varner said he and Commissioners Mike Ferro and John Gruzinskas, “believe this budget serves the needs of our elected officials so that they may operate their offices in an efficient manner. We also believe we have projected sufficiently for potential increases in the cost of insurance, regional jail, and fuel for vehicles, all of which are major expenditures.” He continued, “We are also able to assist with water and sewer projects as well as capital improvements, in addition, we are fortunate to be able to contribute to the funding of many outside agencies who provide great services to our citizens.”

The commission president added, “This proposed budget includes funds to increase the base pay of our fulltime salaried county employees by $2,000, and most of our fulltime hourly employees by $2 per hour. These increases will place Marshall County’s base pay scale in the upper range of other Class I counties and surrounding municipalities. Part time employees will be adjusted accordingly. We will continue to fund a very competitive benefits package for our employees.”

According to Varner, this budget contains allocated funds for additional equipment in some departments so that all elected officials have the needed tools to perform their duties. In addition, budgeted funds have been allocated or anticipated for maintenance and repairs to all county buildings.

“We are again pleased that we are able to continue to contribute funds to support our many agencies that significantly add to the quality of life for our citizens,” Varner said. “These agencies include the Health Department, City-County Library, Grand Vue Park, Senior Citizens Center, Volunteer Fire Departments, Animal Shelter, 4-H, Airport Authority, Extension and others.”

“We are committing funds to assist with projects that our Public Service Districts and Sewerage Authority are pursuing,” Varner said.

He concluded by stating, “We thank all the elected officials and their employees for their continued professional and friendly service to our citizens. We want to thank our County Clerk Jan Pest and her staff, Betsy Frohnapfel, our administrator, for all their work in developing the 2020-21 budget. Also, thanks to department heads and representatives of our outside agencies for their input.”

Also, the commissioners accepted the resignation of Jim Ali, who has been a longtime member of the Marshall County Planning Commission.


Dumpsters will be located at Sherrard Middle School and the Limestone Volunteer Fire Department from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Marshall County residents are welcome to use any of the dumpsters which will be available on weekends through May 16, and again on weekends from June 6-20.

There will be no provisions at any of the locations to accept tires, white goods, scrap metal, car parts, fuels hazardous chemicals/materials or household trash.

The dumpsters are being provided by the Marshall County Solid Waste Authority and the Marshall County Commission.

For additional information contact MCSWA chairman Howard Coffield at HowardCof@comcast.net.


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