Refuse to Allow Ballot Tampering, Vote Fraud

Recent attempts by West Virginia and Washington, D.C. Democrats to move to a universal vote by mail system are misguided and sinister. This is an attempt to gain power for the purpose of implementing laws and to inflict policies upon our citizens that are in stark contrast to our founding. Our state and nation are founded upon liberty. In West Virginia, our official slogan is “Montani Semper Liberi,” meaning “Mountaineers Are Always Free.”

 There are two pillars of free and fair elections in our system: ballot access and ballot integrity. For our system to work, voters must be confident that their vote will be counted and not outweighed by votes that should not be cast. Candidates and political parties must be confident that they are playing on an even playing field and that the rules will not be changed mid-way through the election cycle. There is no unforeseen circumstance or political opportunity that should ever jeopardize these principles. 

The right to vote is a hallmark of America’s promise of liberty and self-governance and it is the fundamental bedrock of the United States. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has posed unique quandaries to every citizen in the United States, and these difficulties will cease to exist in the days to come. Lawmakers should not seize on this crisis to ram through a wish list of left wing fantasies.

Democrats are apoplectic that Donald Trump won the presidency in November 2016. Since then, they have operated non-stop in attempts to change the rules of the game to defeat him and to silence conservatives. They are advocating packing the courts, eliminating the legislative filibuster, and abolishing the Electoral College. Each of these checks and balances ensures that small conservative states like West Virginia are not forgotten on the national stage.

Democrats have also launched fake investigation after fake investigation, spied on Trump transition officials such as Michael Flynn, and impeached President Trump in the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives. Thank goodness that the Republicans in the U.S. Senate acquitted the president. Now that he has been acquitted, the Democrats are looking for some way to make sure that he is not re-elected in November.

Democrats have long desired a system in which every person is mailed a ballot — with no confirmation on who is dead, alive, registered, or not registered. Such a system would not only permit, but virtually guarantee the use of tactics opposed to the voting principles we still hold true. There is nothing more dangerous than partisan gamesmanship and bad-faith maneuvers to undermine the sanctity of our voting and electoral processes.

Every voter should ask themselves why Democrats want to fundamentally change the way we vote less than six months before a presidential election. 

Democrats say they are just trying to help people vote, but their actions speak louder than words. Democrats in Nevada have sued to strike down a state law banning the practice of “ballot harvesting,” which would allow select people to go door-to-door to collect ballots — finished and unfinished. While this would contradict the exact protocols referenced when arguing for such a program, it would also pose significant threats to the security of our elections. These acts are often targeted at those who may be older or less informed voters and could diminish the longstanding ideal of the right to cast a secret ballot. Moreover, these measures could result in ballot tampering and widespread voter fraud.

As we move forward with our primary election and head toward November, let us remember that our system of federalism grants states the responsibility to implement voting measures and conduct their own elections. West Virginians do not want to move towards socialism and have rejected the far-left agenda of the Democrat Party. West Virginians will reject the Democrat attempts to nationalize our elections and implement their far-left agenda.

Melody Potter is the chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party.


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