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Zervos Urges Involvement in Youth Leadership Programs

Zara Zervos, a senior at John Marshall High School, was the speaker at a recent meeting of the Moundsville Lions Club, with her emphasis on conferences which she has attended.

She pointed out that she is the president of a club named, Youth Leadership Association (YLA).

She said, “A big part of YLA deals with members attending conferences where they show through a hands-on approach what government is really like, or ways to learn leadership roles.”

Zervos stated there are four conferences which members can choose from to attend — a Fall Conference, Model United Nations, Youth and Government, or the one which the Lions Club help sent her, Horseshoe Senior Leadership Camp.

“Each conference focuses on something different, but by attending all four, attendees grow as people, by learning ways they can make an impact in the world around them,” Zervos pointed out to the Lions members.

“Fall Conference focuses on ways that YLA chapters can make an impact in their communities. At this camp, speakers are brought in to inform attendees on community service projects, club fundraisers, and share ideas about how to grow one’s delegations. After attending this conference, members come back filled with ideas about how to better their communities, which is the main idea,” Zervos stated.

While on the subject of YLA, Zervos pointed out this club takes an active involvement in the school, community, and introducing students to government.

Through this club, teenagers are taught how to be involved in the world around them, and learn that they can make a difference in the world.

She added that in school, YLA sponsors events such as “Paws for a Cause,” where the students purchase Christmas presents for less fortunate peers of theirs. The club also helps with food drives by collecting food for the community.

Zervos added, “Through these activities, members of the club learn about philanthropy, and helping give back to others.”

It was pointed out that the YLA sponsored events dealing with voting registration. During this, YLA members help all students in the school who are 18 years of age to register to vote.

Getting back to conferences, Zervos said that, “Model United Nations” is set to mock the true United Nations conferences and offer students a look at how countries interact with each other and how policies are made, along with changes in the world.

At the conference which she attended, each student could choose a country that he or she wanted to represent, and then was tasked with writing a resolution they felt could bring a change to that country. After writing this, students from West Virginia and Ohio met at Mineral Wells and shared their resolutions with each other. Then other attendees had the opportunity to ask questions, show alliances, or change people’s solutions, just like a real United Nations.”

Zervos said that she was the acting president of the MUN’s General Assembly, thus she was tasked with leading the conference, which meant that she was in charge of maintaining peace in the debate room, and declaring whether resolutions passed or failed.

She said, “This conference is very beneficial to students in many ways. First off, it forces them to speak in front of a crowd of more than 100 students, and practice persuasion techniques to try to get their resolutions voted on.

It also shows beliefs of other countries and allows for people to realize the vastly different mindsets held by people worldwide.”

Zervos said “Youth in Government” is similar to MUN, in that it is a mock government session, but it is larger and offers students more options Students can be part of the legislature, where they write and present a bill, judiciary where they present and debate court cases, or dealing with the press, where they come up with documents through newspaper writings.

The final conference students can attend is the Horseshoe Leaders Camps.

These camps are offered for different age groups,

During the week, campers take part in many games which seem fun at the time, but have a lasting impact afterwards.

Zervos told the Lions Club members that one thing she would like to see happen is for more youths attend this camp. She said, “While I was there, I was the only attendee from Marshall County, and I would love to see this change. I feel this is something we should share in our secondary schools, middle schools, and high schools. One of the biggest regrets I have is by not attending this camp more often, for I only went two years

“I feel that attendance at this camp would result in them being more outgoing in the classroom, limit fears such as public speaking, and make new, long lasting friendships.”

The Lions Club members were very impressed that Zervos was able to make her presentation without any written notes. Since Zervos’ presentation, she has been recognized as a National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist.

To become a finalist a student and a school official must submit a detailed scholarship application in which they provide information about the student’s academic record, participation in school and community activities, demonstrated leadership abilities, along with honors and awards received.


Rev. John S. Ledford, pastor of St. Jude Parish, Glen Dale, has another duty in addition that of that of parish priest, as he has been appointed Vicar Forane of the Wheeling Vicariate. The Most Reverend Mark E. Brennan, Bishop of the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese, made the appointment.

The Bishop’s letter naming Rev. Ledford to the new duty, states that as the Vicar Forane, the has the rights and responsibilities described in canon 553-555 of the Code of Canon Law.

The new appointment is for a three-year period, and includes Parish Communities in Marshall, Ohio, Brooke and Hancock counties.


For individuals who have or like to build and display model trains, or if you are interested trains in general, the Cameron Landmarks committee could use your input.

The committee is planning to build an HO scale model B&O railroad depicting Cameron and the surrounding area inside the Historic Cameron B&O Freight Depot.

Work sessions for the model railroad display have been scheduled for 6 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays.

Interested individuals can check the Cameron B&O Freight Depot on Facebook or call 304-686-2217.

The Freight Depot will be open for the Christmas parade which will take place on Dec. 5.

In addition to trains, the city’s collection of Cameron City Products pottery will be on display.


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