John Marshall High School Preparing Athletic Hall of Fame

A John Marshall High School Athletic Hall of Fame has been established that will recognize and honor those Monarch athletes, coaches, administrators and supporters who have excelled in their respective sports. Also being honored will be coaches and individuals who have been involved in support roles to bring honor, recognition, distinction and excellence to the school.

Principal Cassie Porter said, “This recognition will help maintain the spirit, pride and sense of community as well as serving as a historical account of the athletic traditions of John Marshall.”

She stated that the forming of the Athletic Hall of Fame has been in the planning stages for the past two years, with Athletic Director Roger Simmons leading the effort.

Porter said that nine individuals, some of whom are school staff members and others from the John Marshall community, will be responsible for selecting the Hall of Famers.

The number of applicants of the first group will determine how many will be inducted the first year.

Plans are to have a yearly banquet at which time those chosen will receive a commemorative award made by students in the Fab Lab.

Any former athletes would be eligible 10 years after their class graduation. Coaches and administrators would be available for nomination beginning five years after they have left the school for any reason, or in special circumstances.

To be considered for the JMHS Athletic Hall of Fame, anyone may submit a nomination form with contact information of the nominee.

The nomination form must be submitted to the JMHS Athletic Department by April 1.

Once the nomination form is received, the nominee will be contacted, and an application packet will be sent.

The completed application packet will be due back to the JMHS Athletic Department by June 1.

As to the annual banquet, the public will be encouraged to attend to support the nominees, families, JMHS and the Monarch community.

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Cameron High/Middle School and the community of Cameron received GREAT news in the past week as the state fire marshal has given approval to move into the school’s Fieldhouse, which has been enlarged and updated.

In fact, some equipment that has either been utilized in the school building itself and new equipment which has been in storage awaiting its placement at the Fieldhouse, has been transferred.

The Fieldhouse now is a two-floor facility.

By adding the extra floor, several of the sports will have their own space such as archery, wrestling (both high school and middle school), an opportunity for baseball players to have an indoor area, additional space for physical treatment, along with space for coaching staffs, and equipment, the majority of these being on the top floor.

On the lower level there are enlarged rooms for both the Cameron and visiting football teams, along with much needed space for game officials. Also, the concession stand has been equipped with updated appliances.

All facilities need storage space, and this one has an abundance.

Along with the building itself, even the ticket booth has been upgraded.

The only upgrade need now is the parking space on the west side of the field, and that will be taken care of in the spring.

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Received a letter this past week from Lions International awarding a Key to Gary L. Rider for obtaining two new members in the past year.

The letter reads that the award has successfully opened the door of Lionism to two individuals.

It goes on to state, “The official presentation should be brief, yet impressive. Ideally the club president or other prominent Lion should conduct the ceremony. Be assured, the officers and directors of Lions Clubs International join Lions worldwide in expressing sincere congratulations to the recipient for demonstrating active commitment to the growth and strength of the association.”

Speaking of Lions International, the letter consisted of 11 different languages.

Getting back to the presentation to Rider, hopefully it will take place soon, as the club hasn’t been able to meet for several months due to COVID-19. When something like COVID-19 causes clubs not to meet, in turn they cannot carry out their main functions.

In addition, as the result of COVID-19, Clubs such as the Lions have lost numerous members in the past 11 months or so. In fact I also received an email from Lions Club International Foundations which starts out, “The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to impact the work of Lions around the world. As you know, it has also created financial hardships for our Lions and the people for whom we care. To support the incredible men and women serving with us, the International Board of Directors unanimously passed another resolution to help our clubs.”

It continues, “We have waived all charter and entrance fees through June 30, 2021. This and other payment issues will help Lions facing financial hardships and give our clubs the support and encouragement they need during these challenging times,”

The email concludes, “For more than a century, Lions have taken on the greatest challenges facing humanity and together, we will overcome this. The world needs Lions now more than ever, so thank you for your outstanding service, and commitment to our communities and the world.” It was signed by International President Dr. Junh-Yul Choi.

So if you might have been thinking about joining the Lions Club, all you would have to do would be to contact a member in your community.

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It seemed like all I have been doing this past week was reading letters and emails. Another of the latter came from Bill Bryson of Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel.

What Bryson sent out was a memo to baseball fans.

The contents of the email actually had its beginning two years ago, when the majority of those on the final trip of 2000 voiced their desire to go the following year to Texas, one of the main reasons being that the Rangers would be having a new stadium.

Several of us had at that time been to every Major League ballpark including those that had been built since Bryson began his baseball tours in 2003.

Well, as you probably know the new park in Texas opened in 2020, without anybody in the stands. It was also the site for last year’s World Series.

Getting back to this year.

Bryson said, “We are going to try to reschedule the planned trip from last year if (Major League Baseball) lets us in the stadiums.”

Although the MLB has released the regular season schedules for this year there has been no announcement pertaining to fans in the stands.

In his letter, Bryson was just trying to find out from those who originally had expressed an interest in such a trip, which also included a tour of the Johnson Space Center, touring the JFK site, and a visit to a baseball glove factory. If anyone is interested in this Texas trip in June call Bill Bryson at Uniglobe Travel.


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