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Marshall County Chamber Outlines 2021 Events Calendar

Marshall County Chamber of Commerce executive director Scott Reager this past week announced special events for 2021.

Via Chamber Chatter, the weekly newsletter of the Chamber of Commerce, the dates of seven events which the Chamber will hopefully be able to sponsor were announced. Along with plans for these events, requests were made for members to volunteer to spearhead these attractions.

Of course, the key to having the events will be if Gov. Jim Justice changes the numbers of individuals who can gather.

Reager hasn’t scheduled any of the events until early April in hopes that the governor will act in favor of the Chamber.

In fact, one of the attractions which has in the past has been held in March is now tentatively scheduled for the middle of May, that being the Business and Health Expo.

This past year the Chamber couldn’t hold five of its regular seven events because of COVID-19. The two events that did take place were the Expo and the Tree Gala, the latter having been condensed somewhat as instead of individuals coming to the Training Center at the former West Virginia Penitentiary, bids were received virtually.

Reager said, “We hope that nothing keeps us from holding the seven events which are fundraisers; money is something that we need very badly as the result of last year’s events being canceled.”

“If will are able to have these activities we need to inform the persons of our intent so they can put us on their calendars.”

He noted that the first event would not take place until April, and hopefully by that time things will be getting back to normal.

The events, and their dates, are as follows:

∫ Ladies Luncheon which is slated for a date in April yet be announced. This event supports women at work and at home.

∫ Business & Health Expo on May 14-15. This enables businesses and/or organizations to showcase their business/organization.

∫ The Greg Yoho Memorial Car Show is to be held on June 4. This event is the second largest Car Show in the Ohio Valley with prizes, music and food.

∫ The Chamber Golf Scramble is slated for June 14. This involves four-person teams at the Moundsville Country Club. It includes sponsorship, networking, hole-in-one prize, raffle prizes, best ball, longest shot, beverages, food and fun.

∫ Taking place in September will be an event dealing with the Chamber, Health Care, Marshall County School System and RED Tourism.

∫ The Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Dinner is scheduled for Oct. 14. This event celebrates some of the accomplishments and highlights in Marshall County. It features a guest speaker and special recognition for an individual and a business.

∫ A Tree Gala, Christmas Parade and Small Business Saturday will all take place in November.

The Tree Gala is a Chamber fundraiser, the Moundsville Christmas Parade is handled by the Chamber, while the Small Business Saturday helps businesses along Jefferson Avenue.

As to the Chamber, it is an organization funded by partnerships of business, associations/clubs and professional people that work together to build a healthy economy and to improve the quality of life in Marshall County, The Chamber was founded in 1944 as the Moundsville Chamber of Commerce, and later would expand to the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce taking in Moundsville, Benwood, Cameron, Glen Dale and McMechen.


There will be Oscar Movie Series at the Strand Theatre in Moundsville, the first of which will be at 7 p.m. on Jan. 15. This attraction will be, “Forrest Gump.”

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., with tickets available at the door.

Admission (cash only) will be $5 for adults and $3 for students. Children 4 and under will be free. Masks will be required.

Anyone wishing additional information can visit www.strandtheatrewv.com

Other movies at the Strand will be:

“You Can’t Take It With You” on Feb. 19.

“Chicago” on March 19.

“Titanic” on April 16.

“Casablanca” on May 21.

“Rocky” on June 18.


Spoke this past week with Tom Stiles, the executive director of the Moundsville Economic Development Council, the leasee of the former state prison, and he said if any individuals or organizations would want to schedule any events he and his staff are at the office Monday through Friday.

The Training Center is the largest site for events in Moundsville.

The Training Center was the site of an American Red Cross blood drive this past Thursday. The response was very good and the goal was surpassed. The blood drive was co-sponsored by the Moundsville Lions Club and the MEDC.


Authors Gary Rider and Roseanna Dakan Keller are gathering material to write a book on the U.S. Stamping Co. in Moundsville.

Plans are to release the book this year.

They are asking anyone who has photographs, the Pot and Pan Newsletter, or recollection of the plant, and working there or had a relative who worked there and told them stories, to please call them.

One chapter of the book will be on, “Memories of the Stamping.”

They are also interested in information on the store, and the fire that occurred and destroyed the plant.

If you can help them in this effort to preserve the memory of one of the city’s premiere factories, call Rider at 304-845-3161 or Keller at 304-845-4199.

The stamping plant was located on First Street just east of the present Moundsville Volunteer Fire Department.

As to Rider and Keller, they have written numerous books about individuals from Marshall County, mainly those who served in the military, and places in Moundsville.


The Marshall County Commission has a new president.

The commission held its first meeting of the year on Tuesday at which a new president was elected. That person is John Gruzinskas who begins his fifth year of a six-year term.

He was nominated for that position by Scott Varner who has served as president for the past two years, and is now starting another six year term. The motion for Gruzinskas to become president was seconded by Mike Ferro who is starting his third year as a commissioner.

In attendance was newly elected Sheriff Bill Helms, who was congratulated by the commissioners.

The recent meeting was a short one with the only matter being a request from new Prosecuting Attorney Joe Canestraro to name a full-time assistant prosecuting attorney to take his place.

As it turned out, that individual was Rhonda Wade who had been the prosecuting attorney for the past four years. The request was granted.

Wade announced in mid-July of 2019 that she would not run for re-election in 2020. She had been in the prosecutor’s office since 2005, and had been appointed prosecutor in 2015 succeeding former prosecutor Jeff Cramer after he was appointed as circuit judge.

As a result of the decision not to seek re-election, Canestraro, who was an assistant prosecutor at the time, announced that he would seek the prosecuting attorney’s office, stating that his decision to run for prosecutor instead re-election to the House of Delegates was a difficult one.

The commission will continue to hold meetings on the First and Third Tuesdays of each Month.


The Marshall County Family Resource Network will hold an online General Membership meeting at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

These meetings are designed as a way to share information and to learn about activities and programs going on in the community.

Each member who wants to participate will have an opportunity to briefly discusstheir organizations and update during the meeting.

At the time of the meetings persons wishing to join in, simply need to click the link to join the online meeting. First by calling 304-845-3300 or email marshallcountyfrn@comcast.net to RSVP.


I’m ready for Major League Baseball thanks to my granddaughter, Lillian, who sent me a Pirates Mask this week.

In case you don’t remember, Major League Baseball will get underway in 11 ½ weeks. The Pirates will take on the Cubs in its home opener on April 1.


Got It Jim. Thanks!

That reply came every Friday morning via email from J. Michael Myer when he received Marshall Memo.

He was the individual who checked over this column, and wrote the headline for many years, and I don’t know anybody who could do a better job writing headlines.

Thanks Mike! Rest in peace.


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