Marshall Memo: ‘Field of Flags,’ Sanford Center and Virtual Penitentiary Tours

Cameron American Legion Post No. 18 will again this year be displaying its 5th annual “Field Of Flags” at the Veterans Park in conjunction with Memorial Day Weekend.

The flags will be on display from May 24 through June 2.

The flags honor Veterans, past or present, with this year’s goal being 1,000.

All flags will be have laser printed waterproof labels.

The cost of having a flag displayed will be $5 per flag. All proceeds will go for park improvement and maintenance.

The Veterans Park, located adjacent to the former railroad depot, was a vision of Thomas “Tucker” Conely, a Vietnam Veteran, 5th Marine Division, along with several fellow veterans and community members who began development of the now completed Veterans Park at the intersection of U.S. 250 and Railroad Street in 2015.

Persons wishing to purchase a flag can do so by either sending their payment to Cameron American Legion Post No. 18 at P.O. Box 235, Cameron, WV 26033, or pay in person at the American Legion Post.

The information needed being the name of the person or persons being honored, along with their branch of service.

Order forms are located at the Post Home, Bridge Street Restaurant, Cameron Floral, Greg’s Market, Dragon Mart, Cameron Moose, United States Post Office in Cameron, Cameron Lumber, Full Belly Dell & Pizza. Applications can also be picked up at Perkins Restaurant in Moundsville.

The deadline for placing an order is May 1.

When it comes to Cameron American Legion Post No. 18, a name connected with the Post is that of longtime member Bill Harris who had to miss last weekend’s event at which he was to receive his 70th year of membership.

However, Harris did make all the arrangements and expressed thanks to those in attendance. The speaker for this event was Zack Allman.

Members of Moundsville Economic Development Council, the leasee of the former West Virginia Penitentiary, had the opportunity to view a Virtual Tour of the penitentiary this past week through a private “Facebook” link, and at the MEDC’s monthly meeting later in the week these members expressed their thoughts of the “tour,” all of which were positive.

Speaking of tours, the Day tours will resume on April 1, while Virtual Tours will start the same day, the difference being that the Day Tours will be on a daily basis, while the Virtual Tours will be monthly.

The Virtual Tours will feature a live guide.

For information pertaining to these two attractions persons can phone the MEDC office at 304-845-6200, or by email at www.vpentours.com

The Sanford Center in Moundsville will soon be a thing of the past. Moundsville City Council members have been discussing the fate of the former school with the major topic being whether to try and put the building back in shape, or to raze the structure.

There have been no tenants in the building for six months, according to Mayor Dave Wood. The building, located at Third Street and Cedar Avenue, was built in 1919. It is a two-story structure which for many years housed students in first through fifth grades.

It was originally named Third Street School but changed to Sanford Elementary School in honor of a long-time school principal, Alice Sanford. Early in its history there were two adjacent wooden buildings, the one to the east housing students and the other to the north was the principals’ office. These two buildings were torn down in the 1940s. These two structures were referred to as the “Chicken Coops.”

Getting back to the current building, it was closed at the end of the 2007-08 school year although it was used the following year when McNinch School was being ren-ovated.

At the time of the closure the Marshall County Board of Education listed declining elementary enrollments in the city of Moundsville as one of the reasons, along with the fact that the school classrooms had limited technology due to electrical limitations, the second floor was not handicapped accessible, the fact that air conditioning was limited to a few classrooms, and that the re-strooms were in need of total reconditioning.

In October of 2009 the city of Moundsville purchased the building for $100 from the Marshall County Board of Education.

The Marshall County Commission on Tuesday signed a proclamation of behalf of American Red Cross Month which takes place in March.

The proclamation reads in part:

“March is a special time to honor the kindness of our neighbors who aid families in need locally and across the United States and around the world, and that their dedication touches millions of lives each year as they carry out the organization’s 140-year mission of preventing and alleviating suffering;

“And that during the trying times of the coronavirus pandemic, people have stepped up to help others in need, whether it was responding to this year’s record-breaking disasters across the country or rolling up their sleeves to give blood when our country faced a severe blood shortage.”

Commissioners John Gruzinkas, Scott Varner and Mike Ferro encourage all residents to reach out and support the American Red Cross’s humanitarian mission.

The Marshall County FRN will once again partner with the Mountaineer Food Bank for a Mobile Food Pantry serving Marshall County residents, to be held from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. this Thursday at the East End Playground in Moundsville. Families are invited to drive-up and receive a food box that will be placed into their vehicle.

This past Thursday a large number of Marshall County residents were scheduled to receive their second vaccinations at the Fairgrounds in Moundsville, and despite the rain it didn’t keep those scheduled from being there.

The site for the shots is at the Chevron Building, a structure which has a lengthy canopy over the door and thus if anyone has a driver, that individual can be dropped off and then the driver can wait for that person before being called to do a pickup.

Another nice thing that occurred this year at the Fairgrounds this year being that of white stones being added to the parking lot which eliminated mud that had been there previously during rainy weather.

And I can’t forget, that those individuals who ushered persons to where they would get their shot, had this past week small West Virginia Flags which they proudly waved to get the attention of those waiting to be vaccinated.

This coming Wednesday will be a big day for vaccinations as more than 1,000 are expected to be vaccinated. This will be the second time for that many to receive their vaccination, the first one being at WVU Reynolds Memorial Hospital.


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