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Marshall Memo: New Space Coming for Marshall County Health Department

Although there hasn’t been a newspaper published at the former Moundsville Journal for 75 years, the original name has remained the same.

In addition to the Journal, names on the front door and side door include those of Green Tab, Wheeling News-Register and The Intelligencer.

As to Moundsville Journal, it began as a weekly paper in 1910 when editor R. J. Smith purchased the Moundsville Herald and set up shop in the old Snyder Hotel building. In the summer of that year the Journal went to daily publication, and a new building was constructed on Court Avenue. It is believed that became operational in 1915.

The News Publishing Company of Wheeling purchased the Journal in 1928, and continued its operation in Moundsville until 1946.

After that the Journal was featured in the News-Register as the Marshall County edition.

The Journal news reporters, advertising and circulation staffs remained intact for a great number of years.

The names on the doors of the 115-year-old structure will soon be removed by the new owner, the Marshall County Commission.

This past Tuesday commissioners signed documents to close the deal on the purchase.

The county commission is looking to provide more space for the crowded health department. These two structures became close friends some 66 years ago, when the Health Department was built on a vacant lot.

While doing some research this past week I came up with a copy of a plan recorded in the Marshall County Clerk’s Office which shows the locations of the court house and the jail house to the east of Court House Alley.

Just in case if you would like to know, the number of parcels from Court Avenue to Lafayette Avenue, on the Seventh Street was 10. That would later be reduced when Lafayette Avenue was widened to make it four lanes.

Getting back to The Journal’s history I couldn’t find much about it from 1946 to 1952, but in September 1952 I was employed in the Wheeling News-Register editorial room. One of my duties was to meet a bus from Moundsville with film to be processed. Also during that seven-year period I started writing a column for The Journal. This column was called “Tri-County Sports,” which consisted of Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler Counties.

It was in 1959 that I transferred from the Wheeling office to the Journal Office, 62 years ago, and it wasn’t until April 2020 that I left 605 Court Ave. for good.

I came across a newspaper clipping dated April 16, 1967 which announced that I had been named manager of the Moundsville Bureau of the News-Register, as had James F. Fitzsimmons who would be holding the same position with the New Martinsville Bureau.

The Editor was Russel Rafferty and the other staff member was another veteran writer, Louise Fox, while Harry Kirby was the circulation manager.

Rafferty was the grandfather of Tom Cook who is now the administrator of the Marshall County Health Department.

Two weeks from today the Relay for Life of Marshall County will be holding its annual event.

The Aug. 7 event will take place in the north parking lot of John Marshall High School, and will be from 6 p.m. until midnight.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department members will present the colors with Sara Weinschenker singing the National Anthem.

Survivors will complete the first lap of the Relay followed by a reception.

Teams comprised of community members, businesses, and churches have been working throughout the year to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, with these fundraisers present conducting games, raffles and services throughout the Relay Event.

There will be a Mexicali Taco Truck and a Country Roads Barbeque onsite with food available.

Luminaries will be available for purchase from any Relay for Life Team member throughout the event.

The community is invited to attend and support the event as all money raised will go to the American Cancer Society which is struggling to provide research funds and patient support due to cuts caused by the pandemic.

Anyone wishing to learn about Relay For Life can visit RelayForLife.org or call Weinschenker at 304-845-0290.

The public is invited to Dragon Stadium Fieldhouse at Cameron High School from 7 p.m. until 8 p.m., on Tuesday to tour that renovated facility.

This facility was a former concession stand/football locker rooms.

The building now with a second story has a new concession area, training facility, new locker rooms (home, visitors, referees and middle school), wrestling practice facility, coach’s offices and conference room.

The 15th annual Honeywell Junior Invitational Golf Tournament will be held on Aug. 2 at Moundsville Country Club.

It is a free event sponsored by Honeywell and the MCC.


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