Getting it Right In Buckeye State


While Ohio works to attract new visitors, it has a running start with efforts to attract employers. According to corporate real estate and economic development magazine Site Selection, Ohio leads the country in new corporate facility projects per capita. It is second on the list for total ...

Transparency In Government


Just about every year, some legislators in Charleston attempt to reduce West Virginians’ access to information about government, business activities that affect us and even matters that could affect our personal finances. Why? State law requires publication in newspapers of legal notices ...

‘Sounding the Alarm’


It’s nearly time to spring forward, when we’re always encouraged to replace the batteries on our smoke alarms. But if you simply need a new smoke alarm, the American Red Cross and the Wheeling Fire Department are working to help keep local folks safe by installing up to 200 free smoke ...

Making Right Call On Term Limits


Sen. Ryan Weld is absolutely right that West Virginia needs to get into the business of good governance. A measure the Republican from Brooke County is sponsoring to limit the number of terms the state’s constitutional officers can hold office — Senate Joint Resolution 11 — is a solid ...

Students Should Get Testing Pass


Ohio lawmakers tried their best to give schools a little wiggle room for required testing. They added an extra week in April or May to the window for assessments, after federal education officials said no to the request to skip the tests. Bizarrely, the bipartisan bill that has passed the ...

Learning Something New Every Session

Local Columns

The halfway point of the 60-day 2021 legislative session is Thursday and things continue to clip along at a brisk pace here. I’ve been involved with the Legislature, either covering it as a reporter or working it as a staff member, for 11 years now, yet I always learn new things. For ...