Schools Require More Substitutes


Indian Creek Local School District students will not be going to school — except remotely — for at least the next few weeks. District officials made the decision to close schools because they do not have enough available employees to staff them. That is because many Indian Creek school ...

Mayors, Governors Have Clout

Local Columns

Millions of American families and scores of thousands of businesses are nearing the ends of their financial ropes because of COVID-19. Yet I have heard of not a single local or state government in desperate financial straits because of the epidemic. Liberals in Congress continue to insist ...

Resolve Dispute Over Employees


Weirton City Manager Joe DiBartolomeo and members of City Council clearly need to have a talk — in public — about boundaries. Last week, as we noted in a Monday editorial, council voted 7-0 to order DiBartolomeo to rescind a policy regarding municipal employees. Council members believed ...

Approve Funding For a New Jail


We do not recall ever having heard of a place where the local jail is as inadequate as Harrison County’s. The facility, in Cadiz, can hold just eight prisoners. Even during relatively normal times, that is insufficient for a county with slightly more than 15,000 residents. During the past ...

Keep Council In the Loop


Any complex organization, including many local governments, must have a chain of command for employees. Otherwise, managerial chaos can ensue. Blocking access to the top link in that chain is not wise, however. Weirton City Manager Joe DiBartolomeo, perhaps thinking it was for sound ...

We Need Bright Spot in the Gloom


College football seems terribly unimportant in many ways, right now. All around us, the lives of good people are being cut short by a viral disease epidemic. Within days — perhaps even before you read this — the COVID-19 death toll will top 1,000 in West Virginia. Before the epidemic ...