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Amateur Golf Classic Returns for 88th Year

Photo by Cody Nespor Oglebay Foundation CEO Eriks Janelsins, left, and Scott Blass await the 88th Bordas and Bordas Amateur Golf Classic next month.

WHEELING — One of the oldest amateur golf tournaments in the country will make its return next month as the Bordas and Bordas Amateur Golf Classics will be put on for the 88th year on Crispin Golf Course at Oglebay Park.

“It’s a tremendous tradition and it has been recognized as one of the oldest tournaments, not just in the tri-state area, but as one of the oldest amateur tournaments in the country,” said Bordas and Bordas attorney Scott Blass, who doubles as a member of the Oglebay men’s golf club. “Very few tournaments or amateur events exist for more than a few decades and we’re going on our ninth.”

This will be the fifth year since Bordas and Bordas took over the tournament in 2018. As in the last five years, Bordas and Bordas has chosen The Oglebay Foundation as the tournament’s beneficiary to receive a portion of the proceeds.

“For us, it’s an incredible weekend and I’m sure the park will be sold out, there’ll be people everywhere,” said Oglebay Foundation President and CEO Eriks Janelsins. “The men’s golf club puts hundreds of hours into putting on and planning this event and really puts on a master class event.”

Over 150 golfers have already signed up for the event, to be held on June 11 and 12, but organizers are expecting as many as 200 players to participate.

“We have players as young as sixth-graders, we have a number of high school players, local college players, past champions. We have a wide variety of players,” Blass said. “It takes a lot of involvement and a lot of people to get this type of tournament off the ground. When you’re talking about getting 160-200 players out on a two-day tournament. The organization and everything that needs to be done takes a village, and that’s what ends up happening.”

“What we hear as we go around to other places is that there just aren’t tournaments like this in other parts of the country so it’s a unique thing for Wheeling,” Janelsins added.

“I think it speaks to the quality of the parks and the generosity of our corporate community, it speaks to the volunteerism and the hours that the men’s golf club puts in. All three of those things have to happen together or we don’t have this thing.”

The proceeds benefit Access to the Parks, which allows local children who would not otherwise be able to afford to go to the park access to enjoy many activities throughout the summer months.

“It is an effort to raise money for an extraordinarily good cause,” Blass said. “That’s a program that you don’t find anywhere in the country. Where a municipal parks system has developed a program for less fortunate children and their family members can enjoy all the amenities the park has to offer.”

Registration runs through May 31 and is available both on the Bordas and Bordas and Oglebay Golf Club websites.

At least seven former champions are signed up to compete in this year’s tournament.

“There are some tremendous players,” Blass said. “There are probably 30-40 players who you would say have a legitimate chance to win. And then you have players like me, who just like to go out and have a nice time and play. I know I don’t have a chance to win but I’m going to have a great time because it’s a great event and I’m supporting a great cause.”


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