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Elm Grove DiCarlo’s Changing Name to Patsy’s Pizza

Photo by Jessica Broverman Customers wait for their orders inside the Elm Grove DiCarlo’s Pizza, which now will be known as “Patsy’s Pizza.”

The DiCarlo’s Pizza in Elm Grove has changed its name to “Patsy’s Pizza” to pay homage to longtime owner Patsy Vespa, who worked closely with the DiCarlo family over the years.

“(It is) a tribute to my dad because he has been with DiCarlo’s for about 50 years … ,” said Joe Vespa, son of Patsy Vespa. “We’re just doing it to pay tribute to my father and his legacy and hopefully (continue it) for years to come.”

The Elm Grove carryout restaurant announced the switch on Wednesday through a Facebook post stating, “We at DiCarlo’s Pizza in Elm Grove are changing our name to Patsy’s Pizza. Still the same great pizza, just a new name.”

Joe Vespa believes the change will help separate the store from other DiCarlo’s locations, which are owned and operated by a different family and use different ingredients.

“Coming from Italy, he (Patsy Vespa) is good with cooking. He has done his own thing for many years.”

DiCarlo’s employee Erika Mitchem believes the restaurant will continue to do well with the name change.

“We plan on advertising and we will depend on our customers to relay the message to their family and friends out of town. It’s really for the best and the future will show you,” she said.

Employees believe it will take time for the announcement to be fully implemented, but are taking steps to completing the change.

Plans are coming together for a new sign, but for now the Vespa family has a makeshift “Patsy’s Pizza” sign in the front window.

“I think it’s always been ‘Patsy’s Pizza,’ even though my dad went under DiCarlo’s and started out with the original owner,” Joe Vespa said.

He believes customers will remain loyal despite the name change.

“Change is a good thing. I think a lot of people will still come back for the pizza. If anything, we can bring more positive things to the pizza shop,” he said.

Joe Vespa said the DiCarlo family played a large part in the store’s beginning.

“He (Pasty Vespa) has countless stories from the beginning,” he said. “He was great friends with the original owner and they got along great. DiCarlo was a great guy and his son was a wonderful, wonderful man.”

Joe Vespa believes that if he and his family continue to provide the public with what they enjoy, then Patsy’s Pizza will do well.

“We just want to do a good job. When you work hard, great things will follow,” he said.


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