Marshall County Commission Approves New EMS Hires

Photo by Alan Olson Sharon Kesselring, representing the American Red Cross, speaks to the Marshall County Commission for a yearly update.

During a brief meeting Tuesday, Marshall County commissioners approved the hiring of four EMS workers as part-time fill-ins.

County Administrator Betsy Frohnapfel submitted resumes for four workers, currently employed through HealthNet, working from WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital. While there has not been an issue from being shorthanded, Frohnapfel said it would be good to have fill-ins on hand for when vacation schedules overlap.

“Having additional part-time people will really help us out at the end of the month. They’ll fill positions, taking over during vacations and open spaces, when the full time is out,” she said.

“There’s always time when people need time off, when they take time off, that we have holes in the schedule,” she added later. “This just gives us people to say, ‘We have March 27, here’s a list of people we can call.’ If someone works their full-time job that day, they just can’t come in and work for us.”

One paramedic and three emergency medical technicians were approved by the commission to be hired at an hourly rate of $16.

In other commission business, Sharon Kesselring, executive director of the American Red Cross of Northwest West Virginia, spoke briefly before the commissioners to provide a yearly update. In the state, Kesselring spoke of a pilot program which has yet to be introduced nationwide which assists veterans in receiving the benefits to which they are entitled.

“Currently here in West Virginia, we have our Veterans Service Initiative, which helps veterans by pairing them with veterans’ service officers, specially trained people to help them apply for benefits,” she said. “That changes all the time, and we’ve been able to help a lot of veterans in our state.”