Suspect in Wheeling Island Murder Appears in Ohio County Circuit Court


WHEELING — DeAndre Davis, a suspect in the death of Ahmid Hinton on Wheeling Island, was in court Friday for a pretrial hearing before Ohio County Circuit Court Judge David Sims.

Sims ruled on several motions in preparation for Davis’ trial, which is set for June 11.

Davis will be back in court at 9 a.m. Tuesday for further rulings.

DeAndre Davis, 27, is charged with murder, attempted murder and person prohibited from possessing a firearm. Charges stem from a fatal shooting that took place in May 2017 on Wheeling Island. His brother, Jordan Davis, 28, is a co-defendant.

Prosecution and defense attorneys also discussed briefly the proposed jury view.

“I’m inclined to do the jury view after opening statements to give the jury some context of where we’re going and what we’re going to see,” Sims said.

Attorneys also said Jordan Davis has indicated he intends to exercise his Fifth Amendment rights when he is called as a witness. Sims said he would permit Jordan Davis to plead the Fifth outside of the presence of the jury.

“I think it would be extremely prejudicial to Mr. DeAndre Davis if his brother … a named co-defendant or co-conspirator in the case, to come and take the stand in front of the jury and take the Fifth,” Kevin Neicewonger, DeAndre Davis’ court-appointed attorney said.

The question also remains whether or not to permit flight evidence, and whether DeAndre Davis will remain with his court-appointed attorney or hire other counsel.

Neicewonger said Sims will rule on the admissibility of flight evidence Tuesday.

“The state believes he avoided arrest and fled, and they want to introduce that at the trial as evidence of his guilty conscience,” Neicewonger said afterward.

According to authorities, before Hinton died at the Ohio Valley Medical Center, he reportedly spoke to an individual he called “D.D.,” who police believe is DeAndre Davis. Jordan Davis was arrested July 30. DeAndre Davis was taken into custody Oct. 31 after a three-month manhunt. The state’s evidence includes a gun a resident found and surveillance footage of the area that may connect the brothers to the area at the time of death.

Jordan Davis is set to go to trial Aug. 13.

Both Davis brothers are being held without bond at the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville.