New Soup Shack Owner Adds Own Creative Touch at Wheeling’s Centre Market

Photo by Scott McCloskey The Soup Shack Owner Patrick Viola invites the public to try some of his new soup recipes and sandwiches at the Centre Market eatery.

The new owner of The Soup Shack hopes to add his personal touch to the quaint Centre Market eatery.

After spending more than three decades in the travel agency business in downtown Wheeling, Patrick Viola said it was time for a career change. He said he decided to buy the eatery located in the upper market house in historic Center Wheeling last November from the previous owner.

It was during a time Viola said he was looking to make a career change into a business where he could express his own creativity and relate to customers on more of a face-to-face basis.

The Wheeling resident said it just happened by chance that he ran into the previous owner of The Soup Shack, who told him he was selling the business. He said the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, after working 33 years in the travel agency business.

Viola said owning The Soup Shack has been a very fulfilling, hands on experience for him.

“I needed a new challenge in my life. This is a refreshing change,” Viola said. “I’m in the coolest area of Wheeling. I’m meeting incredible, interesting people from all around the world,” he added.

Open for lunch, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, The Soup Shack makes a variety of tasty soups, sandwiches and salad menu items, according to Viola.

He said his chicken rice and lobster bisque soups are two customer favorites.

Some of his sandwich selections include: the ruben, grilled ham, grilled turkey, BLT, turkey club and an egg or chicken salad sandwich. He said while he has created a few of his own soup recipes, he uses combination of recipes from family and friends as well.

“When you open a new business, of course there’s going to be some changes. I’m using some creativity,” Viola said. “I try to keep it top quality.”

For more information or for carry-out call 304-218-2636.


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