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Mayor-Elect Glenn Elliott Leads Fresh Faces For Wheeling

WHEELING – Voters elected a political newcomer on Tuesday as they chose Glenn Elliott as Wheeling’s next mayor over three other candidates, including Vice Mayor Eugene Fahey.

Elliott’s election capped off a drastic shift for Wheeling City Council, which will see five new members come July 1. Chad Thalman and Brian Wilson will take over for retiring council members, Wendy Scatterday and Ty Thorngate each defeated sitting council members and Dave Palmer will replace Fahey.

Elliott received 4,293 votes in the mayor’s race, while Fahey secured 3,041 votes; Coogan, 408; and Domenick, 322.

“I think people are ready to try something different,” Elliott said. “Staying the course has been status quo here, but people sense that we’re ready to grow again.”

Elliott has worked as an attorney both locally and in Washington, D.C. He ran his campaign on a platform of accessible city government, economic diversity and developing a city beautification plan.

Elliott said his previous relocation to Washington D.C. was viewed by some as a negative point throughout his campaign, but he said his experience outside of Wheeling is ultimately an asset to which voters responded positively. He said that experience gave him perspective and ideas that he will bring with him to the office.

Elliott said he knocked on over 4,000 doors while campaigning.

Doing this, he came to understand that a lot of city residents felt there was a distance between them and the current city government.

“You talk to people in a lot of neighborhoods, and you find they feel council is disconnected from their concerns,” he said. “I really listen to what people are concerned about.”

Elliott admitted he’s somewhat nervous to take over with large developments such as the relocation of The Health Plan and a steady stream of infrastructure upgrades on the way, but he said that he’s confident City Manager Robert Herron can bring him and the new council members up to speed.

Elliott said he hopes to speak with Herron on Wednesday to start the process. He said that Herron is a strong city manager.

Fahey could not be reached for comment Tuesday. The vice mayor ran his campaign on experience and on the accomplishments of the current city council, such as upgrades to WesBanco Arena and construction of the J.B. Chambers Sports Complex in East Wheeling.

He has served as the 6th Ward councilman since 2008.


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