Justice, Trump Bond Over Fast Food Love

WHEELING — When Gov. Jim Justice stepped into President Donald Trump’s limousine last week when the commander in chief arrived to visit The Greenbrier resort in southern West Virginia, they didn’t talk about the “pork” politicians typically discuss.

In fact, the pork Justice reportedly discussed with Trump was more likely of the sausage or bacon variety.

During his Thursday visit to Wheeling, Justice said he and Trump discussed their excursions with fast food.

“Earlier that morning, I had been through the Hardee’s drive-thru, which I go to an awful lot, and had gotten a breakfast biscuit,” Justice said.

The governor said after getting his biscuit, some female employees at the restaurant recognized him.

“They said, ‘You’re going to see the president, aren’t you,” Justice said.

Justice said that when he answered in the affirmative, the women told him to tell the president they said, “hi.” He said he agreed to do so and went on his way.

Justice said he then went to the airport to meet up with Trump. He said after he entered the car, the only people in the vehicle were the president, himself and two Secret Service agents.

“I don’t speak to them because they’ve got guns,” Justice said of the agents.

Justice said he then told the president about his fast food experience.

“I went through Hardee’s this morning and got a biscuit,” Justice said he told Trump. “He looked at me and said, ‘You like Hardee’s?'”

“I said, ‘I really like Hardee’s breakfast.’ He (Trump) said, ‘I like McDonald’s,'” Justice said of his conversation with Trump.

Later, Justice said Trump then wrote a note to the Hardee’s workers that read, “Take care of big Jim — a great guy.'”

Justice said the workers at Hardee’s were thrilled upon receiving the note from Trump. The governor said this is an example of Trump’s lighter side.

“I am telling you, that man really cares. That’s the thing we miss a lot of times when he is out there on the edge doing some things we think are a little silly,” Justice added of Trump.