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West Virginia Turnpike Tolls To Rise In 2019

CHARLESTON — Whether you’re traveling south for the winter or simply planning that summer drive to Myrtle Beach or the Florida coast, drivers will experience higher tolls on the West Virginia Turnpike in 2019.

Starting Jan. 1, the turnpike’s tolls will increase from $2 to $4 at each toll station. Traveling the length of the turnpike both ways — say, a trip from Wheeling to Myrtle Beach and back — will go from the current $12 to $24.

There is a way around those higher fees, though, as state residents have until Monday, Dec. 31, to sign up for the West Virginia E-Z Pass early enrollment plan.

Drivers who apply for the plan will get three years of unlimited use of the West Virginia Turnpike, which spans Interstate 77 between Chelyan in Kanawha County and Ghent in Raleigh County, for $24.

There’s also an additional, one-time fee of $13 for a transponder.

The $24 plan is good through Dec. 31, 2021, and also allows drivers to avoid stopping at each toll station to pay, as the E-Z Pass lane can be used.

Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 1, the cost of the discount plan goes up to $25 per car and is renewed yearly.

The West Virginia Parkways Authority adopted the new discount program and toll increases June 7.

The money generated from the program and the additional toll increases will be used for road maintenance and improvements on the turnpike, as well as in several counties in southern West Virginia.

“This allows the Parkways Authority to sell an initial installment of $172 million in bonds (with a goal of $500 million) and will provide funding for important road and bridge improvements in 10 southern West Virginia counties designated by last year’s turnpike legislation,” said Gov. Jim Justice. “Also, for a one-time fee of $24, West Virginians will have unlimited use of our turnpike for the next three years. This is another part of my Roads to Prosperity plan that creates thousands of new jobs while moving our state forward.”

“This is the culmination of significant analysis, hard work and public outreach by the Parkways Authority, its financial consultants and advisors,” added Parkways Authority general manager Greg Barr. “Gov. Justice led the way from the very beginning on this. …”

According to the Parkways Authority, more than 15,000 people have applied for the West Virginia E-Z Pass plan. So many people are signing up that the website has been having technical issues due to the high volume of people seeking the discount.

Those seeking the discount can contact the parkways authority at 1-800-206-6222 or visit wvturnpike.com to download the application form.


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