The Going Gets Tough May 26 in Wheeling as Tough as Nails Course Detailed

The Tough as Nails Urban Challenge, set for noon Sunday, May 26, begins at 14th and Main streets in downtown, and immediately pushes competitors through the following obstacles:

1. The first obstacle competitors will face is a mystery obstacle to be located near Market Plaza.

2. Up next is the “Step Up,” sponsored by The Health Plan, where competitors climb the 120 stairs from Main Street to the top of the Robert C. Byrd Intermodal Transportation Center.

3. Then comes the Miklas Meat Market “Meat Grinder,” where competitors will pull tractor-trailer tires with a rope across the Intermodal’s top flood, before heading down the back steps and onto South Street, near WesBanco Arena.

4. The city’s Heritage Trail comes into play for the next obstacle, as competitors will go south on the trail, behind Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe’s Global Operations Center. There, they will encounter the “Corporate Ladder,” a cargo net attached to the flood wall that has to be climbed.

5. The “Slice o’ Pizza” is next, just south of the previous challenge along the trail, as competitors will climb and descend a slanted-wall obstacle.

6. One of the event’s signature obstacles, the “Bucket o’ Nails” sponsored by Lowe’s, is sure to get everyone’s forearms and shoulders burning. This obstacle is behind Wheeling Contractor’s Supply, with the nails provided by Tunnel Ridge LLC.

7. The course will then turn east into Center Wheeling proper with the “Fish Net” obstacle, planned for the Centre Market area.

This obstacle requires participants to work their way through a series of ropes without getting tangled up.

8. The course will then head east on 20th Street toward the Chapline Hill Tunnel and the “Tunnel Vision” obstacle, sponsored by WTRF-TV. Participants will run through half the abandoned railway tunnel and then back.

9. Just east of the tunnel is the Ogden Newspapers Printing and Technology Center, where the “Paper Trail” will see competitors jumping and climbing over rolls of newsprint.

10. Staying at the Ogden printing facility, participants will then go through the “Recycler,” which entails wading through a large dumpster filled with recycled paper.

11. The course then heads along the former railroad tracks along Wheeling Creek and toward Tunnel Green, with the next challenge the “Lumber Yard,” as competitors will climb over stacks of wooden pallets.

12. Next is the “Rock Climb,” sponsored by the Ryan Ferns HealthPlex, located just below Tunnel Green. Competitors will pull themselves from the trail below up to the tunnel’s mouth.

13. The next obstacle is a mystery obstacle.

14. Now the fun really begins. After climbing, diving and carrying, participants will come upon the “Stairway to Heaven” obstacle. Starting at the Wheeling Heritage Trail just adjacent to Baltimore Street in East Wheeling, there are several hundred stairs to climb, with the end coming at Wheeling Heights.

15. Once at Wheeling Heights, competitors will head to the Grandview Pool, where they will have a chance to tackle “Bed Time,” sponsored by Blazer’s Auto Body and Towing. While it may be naptime for some, this obstacle entails climbing and jumping in-and-out of the beds of several pickup trucks.

16. “Semi-Tough” sponsored by the Marshall County Co-Op, comes next, but don’t be fooled by the name. This will feature tractor-trailers filled with bales of hay that have to be worked through to move to the next feature. This obstacle also will be located near the Grandview Pool.

17. After a run down the back side of Wheeling Hill, the next obstacle – “The Horse with No Name” – must be tackled. To be located near the Federal Building, this will be a series of saw horses that participants must hurdle or climb over to move on.

18. Nearing the finish, competitors will get a chance to get clean in the Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration “Rinse Cycle” at the corner of 14th and Chapline streets.

19. The “Walls of Fort Henry,” sponsored by Fort Henry Capital, reside just down 14th Street, and are sure to be a fun climb after nearly 6 miles of running, climbing and crawling.

20. At the finish line will be the “Slot Machines,” an interesting obstacle to close out the event where competitors will grab onto a spinning barrel before crossing the finish line.


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