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Warwood Farmers Market Returns for Third Season with Themed Activities

WHEELING — Grow Warwood Pride is holding a weekly farmers market in Garden Park on Tuesdays from 4-7 p.m. This year, more than 30 vendors are selling produce, artisan crafts, baked goods and other items.

Each week of the Warwood Farmers Market will feature a different theme with activities to match.

The market’s Health & Wellness Day will be June 11. Bike Wheeling will ensure that children have the proper fitting bicycle helmets and that bikes are safe. Kroger Pharmacy will offer a children’s class on safe medication, poison prevention and free diabetes screenings. OV Dermatology representatives will share ways to keep skin healthy, especially during the summer sun. Amedisys Hospice will perform free blood pressure screening. Licensed therapists Joni Blum and John Kreitzer also will be present.

Environmental Day will be June 18. Visitors can bring their dogs to the market June 25 for Man’s Best Friend Day.

The Warwood Farmers Market accepts SNAP and participate in SNAP Stretch. This allows SNAP recipients to double their money automatically by shopping for qualified item. If the SNAP recipient brings their child with them, the child gets the original amount to make purchases. In addition, some of the vendors are able to accept Senior Vouchers.

The Warwood Farmers Market also launched two new programs to get the community involved in the process of the market.

The Lil’ Sprouts Club is a program for children to learn the proper care, nutrition and science behind different plants. Participants will get to pot a plant, take it home and watch it grow.

The second program is the Backyard Community Growers program.

The Warwood Farmers Market is matching backyard growers, small-scale farmers and hobbyist gardeners with an opportunity to sell their produce and knowledge with those at the market.

On the second and fourth Tuesdays, the Toe Tappin’ Tuesdays concerts take place in the same locale as the Warwood Farmers Market.

The Warwood Lions Club is holding bingo in the pool shelter at Garden Park each week and sponsoring free swimming for everyone at Garden Park pool from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.

The Warwood Farmers Market board consists of Julie Davis, president of Grow Warwood Pride; Tony Assaro, vice president of Grow Warwood Pride; Matt Rafa, member of Grow Warwood Pride; Eric Blend, vendor of The Blended Homestead; Josh Fluharty, vendor of Foster Fluharty Farms; Elizabeth Vdovjak, vendor of Centre Market Bakery; Bree Blum, vendor of Handmade Pottery by Bree and Carol; Mike Rafa, community member; and Kathy Savage-Blanchard, community member.


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