Keep Gee at Helm Of State University

Some of the best news Mountain State residents could have received came from Wheeling attorney Bill Wilmoth, in his post as chairman of the West Virginia University Board of Governors.

On Friday, Wilmoth issued a press release noting, in part, that WVU President E. Gordon Gee “has indicated he would be interested in extending his time with West Virginia University …” By that, Wilmoth meant Gee is interested in extending his current contract past June 30, 2021.

Board of governors members are looking into the possibility of doing that. Let us hope all share Wilmoth’s opinion that “it would be in this institution’s best interest to explore that option.”

Gee has used his time at WVU steering the university on a steady course of service to West Virginia.

One excellent and most welcome evidence of Gee’s leadership came last week when the board approved increasing tuition for the coming year. The boost, by just $120 a year for in-state undergraduate students, was at the lowest rate in 20 years.

In many ways, WVU has become much more valuable to West Virginians during Gee’s tenure. In education, research, health care, outreach programs and many other ways, our state university is providing invaluable service and leadership. Keeping Gee at the helm as long as possible would be wise.


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