A Country Without Borders Is Not a Country

When you leave your house or go to bed at night, do you lock your doors? When you leave your car on the parking lot at the grocery store or mall, do you lock your doors? When you close your business at the end of the day do you lock and shutter the doors?

If you do lock your doors in these situations, why do you do this? Is it because you want to keep people out who are not invited into your home, car or business? At home you want to feel secure! You want to ensure your family’s safety from unwanted visitors. You want to protect your property from being removed or stolen by uninvited visitors.

You don’t want someone to enter your house to trash it and leave it in a mess for you to repair or replace what is stolen or damaged. The same holds true for your car. You don’t want someone to enter your car and remove belongings or equipment from it or steal it. As for your business if people entered, took whatever they wanted without paying for it — how long could you remain in business?

In all these situations I would suggest over 90 percent of people want to protect their homes, cars or businesses! We don’t want people entering our homes, cars or businesses at any time or to remove our property without our consent. We want to feel safe at home or when we are traveling in our communities or wherever we go.

In times past, 30-40 years ago depending on where you live, it was possible to leave the doors to your house unlocked and the same for cars. Of course, businesses were locked, but not much fear in someone breaking into them.

This brings up the question of our southern border. Currently it is almost like an unlocked door.

Some people think we should have no borders. Let anyone who wants to enter the country to just come in with no questions. Most of these people who are crossing our “border” illegally don’t have the funds to pay for housing, food, clothes, etc. Most cannot speak the English language, do not have the skills necessary to find a good paying job and will require help from the government (federal, state and local) to live here.

Since there is no vetting of these “illegals,” there are some (we don’t know how many) who do not have the best interests of our country in mind when coming here. MS-13, which is a violent group, has wreaked havoc on many communities in larger cities. MS-13’s motto is “kill, rape, control.” Also, it has been reported that members of radical Islamist and other terrorist groups have also traveled to Central America and slipped into the country with these groups of illegals. The drug cartels are moving large amounts of drugs into the country. The cartels are also involved in human trafficking.

From October 2008 to July 2014, Texas has reported over 642,564 crimes committed by 203,685 illegals. Of these, 3,070 were homicides and 7,964 were sexual assaults.

Closer to home in Dayton, Ohio on June 11, the Miami Valley Bulk Smuggling Task Force seized 20 pounds of fentanyl (enough to kill 4 million people) and a large amount marijuana, plus $100,000 in cash. All four of those arrested were Mexican, with three being from Mexico and one living in Ohio.

Reports or estimates vary on how many have people have entered the country illegally. The estimates of illegals in the U.S. range from a low of 11 million to a high of 25 million. Estimates on what that costs federal, state and local government varies from a low of $60 billion to $250 billion per year.

Let’s say it is $150 billion. If those funds could be divided among the 50 states — think what $3 billion a year could do for our infrastructure.

The question is, should we secure our southern border? West Virginians voted overwhelmingly for President Trump, whose platform contained a plan to secure our southern border. The four planks were: Build a wall, eliminate chain migration, eliminate the lottery for immigrating and E-Verify for job seekers. His plan has been stopped because of both Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats want open borders in hopes of getting these people to vote for Democrats. Republicans want them for cheap labor. There are many lobbyists in D.C. lobbying for open borders because of the need for workers and want cheap labor.

What are your thoughts? If you voted for President Trump like so many West Virginians, you should inform your congressman and senators that you support his immigration plan. Our immigration system has needed reformed since the late 1980s. Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama had a Democrat or Republican House and Senate with the opportunity to reform the immigration process but chose not to tackle this problem. The question is, do our representatives support President Trump and his plan as West Virginia voters did in the election?

This has become a very divisive issue in the country. Democrats and liberals are trying to exploit this as an election issue. It should be looked at as a means to secure our borders. An example of not securing a border would be the problems Germany is having with the flood of immigrants into Europe.

The prospective new president of Mexico wants to send as many people into the U.S. as possible. He plans to facilitate the movement of illegals through his country to the U.S. Another reason Mexico wants their citizens to travel to the U.S. is their citizens send back approximately $60 billion a year and the Mexican drug cartels move approximately $20 billion back. As President Trump says, “A country without borders is not a country.”

Evans, a resident of Cameron, is a retired educator and former member of the West Virginia House of Delegates.


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