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Howard’s Diamond Center at The Highlands a Crown Jewel of Ohio Valley

Photo by Alan Olson – Howard’s Diamond Center at The Highlands remains an Ohio Valley staple.

TRIADELPHIA – Despite relocating to The Highlands nearly 10 years ago, Howard’s Diamond Center remains an Ohio Valley staple. And it is a spot where one can make a loved one’s Christmas sparkle.

The store was opened in 1979 by Howard Posin, following in his father’s footsteps, who in 1929 had founded another diamond store in downtown Wheeling. The store relocated to the newer development in Triadelphia in 2010.

Being a one-off store allows Howard’s to be a more meaningful shopping destination for those seeking jewelry, and allows them significantly more freedom in their selection and services, according to manager Todd Byrne.

“There’s no other Howard’s around. We’re not tied down like other chain stores are,” Byrne said. “We have unique, beautifully crafted jewelry that we take our time bringing out, and we pride ourselves on customer service, and selling the best things we can. Our customers are local, and we’re local, because we’re part of the community.”

While diamonds are in the store’s name, that’s not the only jewel that Howard’s features. The store also sells many different gemstones, plus gold, silver and platinum jewelry.

It also features “Wheeling beads,” beads that represent some of the city’s most memorable landmarks, like Green’s Donuts, Towngate Theater and Oglebay Mansion.

Byrne said specializing in jewelry completely lets Howard’s customize products for the customers needs, for special occasions, engravings, or finding the perfect ring or earrings.

Additionally, Howard’s refits jewelry to new size specifications.

“If you’re bringing in your grandfather’s special ring and you need it sized because he passed it onto you, we can do that as well,” he added. “Anything you need, Howard’s can do it — within reason.”

Currently celebrating their 40th anniversary in Wheeling, Howard’s hopes to be a destination for Christmas shoppers, too.

“If there’s any one who needs a Christmas gift, whether it’s $5 or $5,000,000, we can help with anything.”


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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