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Wheeling Municipal Election Expected to Be Postponed

WHEELING — Officials in Wheeling will consider a resolution to postpone the city’s municipal election when they convene for their first virtual council meeting at noon today.

The legislation being introduced today is considered a formality to officially reschedule the city of Wheeling’s municipal election date from May 12 to June 9 to coincide with the West Virginia primary election, which was rescheduled because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Wheeling City Clerk’s Office received official confirmation from Secretary of State Mac Warner that Gov. Jim Justice’s order regarding a rescheduled election from May to June is applicable to the city of Wheeling and its municipal election, according to the resolution.

“The postponement of the primary election in this state will necessitate the postponement of municipal elections in this state for a similar period of time to allow voting resources to be efficiently utilized and to ensure that all elections proceed in the safest manner possible during this state of emergency,” the resolution states.

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to worsen throughout the country and state, according to the resolution, which predicts the apex for the number of cases occurring in West Virginia to arrive “on or about the last week of April.”

Voters in Wheeling will choose among candidates vying for all city council seats and the office of mayor. Winners of the municipal election will begin terms on July 1.

Because of the pandemic and in light of the governor’s order restricting gatherings, today’s meeting will take place online and will not be held at the City-County Building, where it usually is held. Meetings will be held virtually until further notice and can be live streamed on the Wheeling WV City Government Facebook site.

The meeting agenda is made available on the city’s website, and members of the public wishing to speak before council can do so by calling 304-551-2151 up to 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.

Among other items on today’s agenda are final readings of the city’s proposed amendment to the street vendor regulation adjusting the required distance between a street vendor on public property from 100 feet to 25 feet from an existing business selling similar wares.

Another piece of legislation up for a final reading is an ordinance authorizing City Manager Robert Herron to spend $25,183 with Duke’s Root Control of Syracuse, N.Y. for the purchase of a root control system to be charged to the water pollution control division. Herron explained this will allow crews to identify and eliminate problem areas of the city’s sewer system where tree roots have grown in and around pipes.

New legislation being introduced today includes:

* An ordinance authorizing the city manager to purchase a ball field maintenance machine for $35,276.

* An ordinance amending and reenacting part of the planning and zoning code to prohibit placing signs in the public right of way.

* An ordinance authorizing the city manager to spend $55,391 for the purchase of a blower assembly for a Water Pollution Control Division truck with A&H Equipment of Zelienople, Pa.

* A resolution authorizing the city’s participation in the Northern Panhandle HOME Consortium for the next fiscal year.

* An ordinance adopting the municipal council levy estimate for fiscal year 2020-21, estimating the amount of levy funds to be collected, as reported to the West Virginia Auditor’s Office.


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