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Demolition of Sanford Center in Moundsville Likely by Year’s End

The Sanford Center in Moundsville (File Photo).

MOUNDSVILLE — The structure which once served as Sanford Elementary in Moundsville could be a memory by the year’s end, though parts of its most recent life may live on elsewhere in the city.

In October, EdgCo Inc. was awarded a $190,150 bid to demolish the Sanford Center, a derelict building on Third Street which was once a school, then a small business center. Some parts of the center have been empty since 2019, and the city council eventually terminated the lease to the center’s board of directors in March.

At a recent city council meeting, council member Gene Saunders inquired about the status of the demolition and the fate of the building.

City Manager Rick Healy said EdgCo was given 60 days from the Oct. 12 awarding date to begin, meaning work will likely begin before the new year.

Many items have been removed from the building’s interior, but Healy said there are still some things of value to be removed, which may see use elsewhere.

“We went back through it last week, there’s still some things in there we need to get removed,” Healy said at the Nov. 16 meeting. “There’s not really that much left in there. Some of the stuff we’re going to store down at the police department. … There could be some stuff we use potentially down the road.

“There’s some stuff in the kitchen that we may be able to utilize, … some stainless steel tables and a nice sink. We may be storing that at the police department for the time being,” he said.

By Wednesday, Healy said no further development had occurred, and that the city was still waiting for EdgCo to begin asbestos abatement.

“I would imagine he’d start before the end of the year,” Healy said.


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