Being Prepared To Open Pools

Getting public swimming pools open for the season does not seem like a priority now. But by late July and August, many area residents will be eager to dive in, providing that can be done safely.

Concern over the health risks has kept most local government bodies from making concrete plans to open public pools. A few are making contingency arrangements, however.

In Follansbee, city council members this week held off on a decision about opening the municipal pool. But they did agree to hire 15 part-time summer workers, along with three supervisors. They will have plenty to do, even if the pool remains closed. But if it can be opened for at least part of the normal summer season, Follansbee will have at least a good start on workers to staff the pool.

Waiting to hire summer workers until a firm decision on the pool is made risks not being able to find the needed people. Follansbee officials’ decision is wise, then — and those in charge of other public pools may want to do the same, if possible.


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