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President’s Speech Emboldens Enemies

President Joe Biden’s uninspired and passionless address in response to Thursday’s horrific attack in Afghanistan — an attack that killed 13 U.S. service members and more than 100 civilians — likely didn’t leave those responsible concerned.

In a largely monotone response, in which he seemingly read nothing but a script, Biden failed to show reverence for those killed and wounded and proper respect for those who continue to put their lives on the line serving in the military.

The families — those grieving and those still worried about the safety of their loved ones in harm’s way — deserved much, much more from the commander in chief.

Biden did say the United States would not forgive those responsible and would strike back at a time of our nation’s choosing. One such retaliatory strike already has taken place.

But the lack of fire in his delivery made it appear as if Biden was just trying to avoid upsetting those who attacked our forces rather than creating fear that might deter them from doing it again.

He also failed to adequately warn the Taliban, who seized control of Afghanistan and who supposedly are responsible for providing a ring of security around the airport, of the price they could face for this attack as well as others.

Thursday’s attack was a coordinated effort that required planning and cooperation — or at least complicity — by at least some in the Taliban.

Rather than projecting the strength of a superpower, Biden’s remarks showed weakness that will only serve to embolden our foes, opening the door to other attacks.

And his tepid delivery likely did little to inspire confidence in his promise to continue to press to rescue Americans and Afghan allies stranded outside the perimeter of the Kabul airport.

Biden has repeatedly said those who want to leave will be given a chance to do so, but will his administration just view people’s inability or fright to run the gauntlet of checkpoints and thugs to get inside the airport’s perimeter as a sign of their desire to stay in Afghanistan?

Will they really be rescued, or will they be abandoned by a president who just wants to get to the deadline so he can move on to other things?

Thursday’s remarks didn’t inspire confidence on any front, and we fear our nation will pay a high price as a result.


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