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Maintain Ohio’s Cemeteries

On Memorial Day, many Ohioans will be visiting cemeteries where they will pay their respects to loved ones who died in military service. In anticipation of those visits, the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing is asking for help in identifying burial places that are not being properly maintained.

“For many Ohioans, Memorial Day is more than a time to barbecue or a day off from work,” said Commerce Director Sherry Maxfield. “It’s a time to remember those who gave their lives in service to this country. Cemetery visits play an important role on this occasion. We encourage those who visit their loved ones and heroes to report any issues to the cemetery property owners. If issues cannot be resolved locally, do not hesitate to contact our agency.”

According to Ohio law, it is the responsibility of those who own such hallowed ground to keep them well maintained. That means mowing at least once a month, removing trash and funeral flowers once a month and maintaining roads, buildings and fences.

If you are the custodian of such a precious place, there is not much excuse for letting it fall into bad repair. If you are a visitor and see a need for improvement, report it.

Those who are gone but not forgotten deserve better than that.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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