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When Does This Stop?

It happened again. A man walked into a school and killed children and teachers. Again.

It has happened often enough in this country that we are becoming desensitized to the death of 19 innocent children and two of their teachers — this time in Texas. Our outrage becomes political and “religious.” We take it personally when some say “thoughts and prayers” are not enough, rather than wondering why such a sentiment has been expressed. We listen to pundits squawk and look for reasons to turn the tragedy into ammunition for our own political agendas.

We do everything but remember there are 19 children whose families will never again hear them laugh, will never get to see them grow up; and that it did happen here. Again.

Salvador Ramos waved red flags on social media as he proudly displayed his gun magazines and purchases of two AR-style semi-automatic rifles. He asked an Instagram user with more than 10,000 followers to share his post, so that more people would know about his arsenal.

She responded, “I barely know you and u tag me in a picture with some guns … It’s just scary.”

Yet Ramos remained hidden from anyone who might have been able to stop him, even after he responded on Tuesday morning “I’m about to.”

By 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, the slaughter had begun. Again.

It happens over and over because it takes us no time at all to switch from horrified grief to politicized –and defensive –faux outrage. We immediately dig in and refuse to have honest discussions about guns, mental health, stigma and apathy. We’d rather shout at each other, get offended and place blame.

Enough was enough more than 20 years ago. And we have refused, all this time, to look for a real solution. We have refused to genuinely try to stop it. And now 21 people have been murdered. Again.


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