Getting Nursing Home Workers Vaccinated


Too many Ohio nursing home workers fell victim to efforts to sow distrust in the COVID-19 vaccine, or were prohibitively worried about the side effects of the shot. Bizarrely, they declined the first round offered to them in Ohio. Now they will get a second chance to do the right thing. Gov. ...

Hidden Cost of Bad Roadways


When is the last time you drove on Main or Market streets in downtown Wheeling? Or how about out along one of the ridges in our region? There’s a common factor to those roads and most others in the greater Wheeling area -- they’re in bad shape. In fact, a new report out this week from ...

Seeking an End to Distracted Driving


If you have ever glanced down at your phone or fast food bag and been jolted back to looking at the road by the sound of rumble strips under your tires, you know just how quickly a tiny distraction can become dangerous in a vehicle. Gov. Mike DeWine is right, then, to once again be calling to ...

Diocese Still Has Work to Do


While the long process of receiving justice for the thousands of Catholics who live in the Diocese of Steubenville moved closer to being resolved this month, there are still questions that must be answered. David Franklin, the diocese’s former comptroller, entered into a plea deal in ...

Longwall Mining Project Continues


It’s become an annual occurrence for travelers along Interstate 70 at the West Virginia-Pennsylvania state line to encounter single-lane traffic and orange barrels as part of Tunnel Ridge LLC’s longwall mining project. The work is starting up again this month, and will last for a several ...

Tackling Youth Homelessness


Try to remember what it was like to go to bed at night after having finished your homework, or to wake up in the morning and join the family rush to get ready and get out the door to school. Think about having friends over. Think about knowing you had the same safe place to come home to each ...