Shed ‘Rust Belt’ Stigma


President Joe Biden’s speech to the nation Tuesday missed the mark on many fronts: Ukraine, inflation, the crime spree and the border crisis, just to name a few. Where it did hit an important note— particularly for our region — came when the president, quoting Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, ...

Folly of ‘Anti-Racism Act’


Bravo, to West Virginia state Sen. Bill Hamilton, R-Randolph, who understood better than many of his colleagues that the purported “Anti-Racism Act” is a hateful and dangerous piece of legislation. “This is wrong, and I’ll be voting no,” Hamilton said on the Senate floor. His ...

Employer Childcare Tax Credit Good for West Virginia

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West Virginia is uniquely positioned to begin rebuilding our population with young families who are searching for a lifestyle that makes them better parents, and their children more prepared for success. As we begin the exciting process of inviting the world to come be our new neighbors, there ...

Second-Income Entrepreneurs True Heroes of American Economy

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Many of us grew up with parents who worked all of their lives at a 9-to-5 job. They had careers in manufacturing, service industries, retail, the energy sector, health care, office professionals or they were public servants. Over the last 50 years, labor unions and a quickly expanding ...

Amendment 1 Would Be Bad for W.Va. Counties

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Amendment Number 1, labeled the “Property Tax Modernization Amendment,” will be on the November ballot in West Virginia. This would amend the State Constitution by providing the Legislature with authority to exempt tangible machinery and equipment personal property directly used in ...