Abusers Deserve Long Prison Terms

Two Belmont County women who abused a 4-year-old girl severely have pleaded guilty to charges and are to be sentenced within the next two weeks.

Judges in their cases should sentence them to the maximum punishments permitted by law. No leniency is called for in this case.

Last year, the girl’s homeless mother entrusted her daughter to Devan Noel Redman, 25, and Misty Dawn Glasgow, 36. A month later, after finding a place to stay, she went back and found her child had been abused severely. There were bruises and burns all over her body.

Prosecutor Dan Fry asked the relevant question: “Why? Why would you do this to a 4-year-old?”

There is no acceptable answer to that.

Unfortunately, it appears the maximum sentences allowable for Glasgow and Redman are eight years in prison.

That is not enough.