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Ohio County Master Gardeners Honored

Shown are Mirjana Bulatovic-Danilovich, state coordinator for the W.Va. Extension Master Gardener Program, at left, and Kathie Roth, Ohio County Master Gardener.

At the 2019 State Extension Master Gardener Conference, the Ohio County Master Gardeners were recognized with the Team Project Excellence Award for their Public Garden Lecture Series.

Every spring the Ohio County Extension Master Gardeners host a free learning series in cooperation with the Schrader Environmental Education Center. Topics from 2019 included ticks and Lyme disease, beneficial birds and insects, and the important work that bees do for our gardens.

Previous programs shared information on composting, growing tomatoes, container gardening, rain gardens, and native butterflies. These one-hour educational lectures are coupled with weekend hands on activities offered by their partner the Schrader Environmental Education Center. Contact the Ohio County Extension Office or join the Ohio Valley Master Gardener Facebook Group to learn about this year’s programs.

This ongoing educational series is only one of the outreach activities for the Master Gardeners. They also help to maintain the Corson Butterfly Garden. Weekend work days in this garden allow visitors to engage in discussions on butterfly identification, wildflowers, and the life of a garden from seed to decay. Butterflies have been collected, raised, and released at many local schools with guidance from our volunteers.

Training to become a Master Gardener is starting soon.

To learn more about the program we are hosting a meet and greet introduction at West Virginia Northern Community College in Wheeling from 5:45-8:45 p.m. Tuesday. New volunteers are given 40 hours of intensive horticultural training through a series of in person classes. After conducting 40 hours of volunteer work helping to share their love of gardening they earn their certification as a WVU Extension Master Gardener. Anyone interested in joining this amazing group of gardeners, please call the Ohio County Extension Office at 304-234-3673 or email OhioCountyExtension@mail.wvu.edu. No experience necessary.


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