Moscow Ballet to Perform ‘Great Russian Nutcracker’ in Wheeling

Photo Provided The Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker heads to Wheeling on Nov. 7.

WHEELING — Moscow Ballet’s “Great Russian Nutcracker” will perform at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7 at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Wheeling.

Ticket are available at https://www.nutcracker.com/your-city/get-tickets/wheeling.

All the world is on stage in Moscow Ballet’s “Great Russian Nutcracker,” a holiday tradition across the United States and Canada. Featuring the best traditional and innovative artists on stage and behind the scenes, an international team presents the Moscow Ballet Gift of Christmas Tour.

Fanciful flying puppets created in South Africa include the Dove of Peace, the Firebird and the new Peacock, with a tail opening eight feet across to majestically reveal its vibrant


Theatrical designer Valentin Fedorov, prodigy of the Bolshoi Theater’s acclaimed Valery Leventhal, creates the 12-foot-tall dancing Unicorn, Elephant, Bull and Bear puppets.

A European style Toy Theatre and rod puppets, which foretell the ballet’s story, were created in Prague, a city with centuries long history of puppetry. From St. Petersburg, the birthplace of Russian ballet, come Moscow Ballet’s period-perfect costumes and hand-painted sets created by Wes Anderson concept designer Carl Sprague. Rose-shooting cannon and a Hurdy Gurdy man, with dancing ballerina as an ornamental touch, are a couple of the finishing touches of the holiday ballet.

Three companies of 36 award-winning Russian ballerinas and dancers each, and Ballet Masters hailing from Moscow, Kyoto and Odessa, combine to create unforgettable performances of the Great Russian Nutcracker.

Audiences are invited to share in the international celebration of imagination and harmony this holiday season.


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